Early Fall Faves

After such a long hot and humid summer, I couldn’t be more thrilled about all things Fall. I love cool weather, anything pumpkin spice, wearing sweaters, hoarding scarves and orange eyeshadow. Actually, scrap that. I could be a little more excited about the new season if I wasn’t struck by the glory that is the seasonal cold, with an eczema flare up and temporary unbelievable fatigue thrown in. Here I type, kleenex box in close proximity, about my current favourites.



Afterspa Hair Towel Wrap ($18 US): This was an item that I received in a Fab Fit Fun box and was pleasantly surprised. It’s one of those microfibre towels that helps to remove water and moisture from the hair with minimal friction on the strands. I have a lot of hair and it’s quite long so I was pleasantly surprised that this turban-style towel actually allowed me to twist my hair out of my face. The best thing about this item is that it let me get good results in drying my natural waves and curls without my wash day taking over my life. It definitely cuts down on drying time but doesn’t make my hair tangle, frizz or lose definition.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter in 1 Fair ($54 CDN): With such a hot and humid summer, whenever I did get around to wearing makeup, highlighter was not the focus. For once, I actually had enough glow on my own for the most part. As a result, I happily went for this golden glow in a bottle because it made me look luminous but not sweaty or shimmery. However, even as the weather has cooled down I haven’t had the desire to reach for anything else.

L’Oreal Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Angora ($12.99 CDN): As soon as the fall vibes roll around, I seem to find myself reaching for this neutral brown-grey leaning liquid lipstick. Unlike most liquid lipstick formulas I’ve tried, it’s comfortable on the lips and actually does last throughout a full-on meal. It fits into the neutral brown kind of colour family but gives cool girl kind of vibes with the grey lean.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette ($55 CDN): Sadly, I was very late to the bandwagon on this one. However, I find myself keep coming back to this warm rusty leaning but neutral palette, especially in this season. The fallout from the powdery shadows can be a bit annoying but I’m always happy with the results from this palette. It leaves me with a bunch of variations on the warm everyday to smokey eye, providing options for flattering traditional crease colours and rustier options.

Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket ($79.90 CDN): So my moto jacket had become quite a staple in early fall weather in the past few years but was legitimately falling apart at the seams. I took that chance to pick up this warm pinky brown variation this year as non black options tend to go in the blink of an eye. I’m happily reaching for this jacket daily, along with a scarf for the truly chillier weather. Aaaaaand I think it’s still available…

The Ordinary B Oil ($9.20 CDN): Even though the afternoons of September and October have been beautiful and sunny, I still have felt the cooler weather in the mornings and evenings in my skin. With such a hot and humid summer, I didn’t have to worry about keeping my dry sensitive skin hydrated and kind of slacked off on the  routine front. However, now I’m definitely reaching for an essential-oil free oil blend. It soothes the skin, adds antioxidant protection and really helps to seal moisture in the skin. This has been especially indispensable now that I’m fighting off a cold and kind of feel like a prune. This affordable offering is squalene based, but also includes marula, argan, baobab, pataua, brazil nut, inca inchi, rosehip and borage oils and a form of micro algae. It’s not the most lightweight oil but I love it and it’s great value for money.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask ($47 CDN): I hadn’t realized it but I started stretching out the time between hair washings or detangling sessions as soon as Fall rolled around. For me, this means that I need more slip and nourishment in my routine. I guess sweat was a factor with such a hot and humid summer. Also, with the weather changing and starting to wear scarves and such, my hair needs some babying and this is one mask I happily reach for. It’s expensive but has a great balance of moisture and protein, containing biotin, hydrolyzed keratin and nourishing plant oils. I always find my curls have bounce after this and clump nicely together.

Any fall faves to share?
Maggie, x.






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