A Standard Autumnal Shopping Trip



I’m sure you know how the story goes already; girl feels stressed and overwhelmed about University life and makes plans with close confidante to have a look at the mall as a reward and you somehow end up with a variety of items that you didn’t have in mind but adore and less money to your name than you can easily stomach. Luckily this time, I didn’t go too crazy and end up in that awful state where you come to feel nauseous after you realize all of the purchases made and I can also say that I bought things that were actually rather utilitarian and I managed to resist any purchases at Sephora and the drugstore. I’m rather proud of myself.

Aldo Lazares Satchel ($60)

First up is a bag, and this is completely justified (actually) because all of my school bags seem to be falling apart in some way and this one caught my eye and ticked all of the boxes. I think I’m in love. It’s a roomy satchel that has a rather muted colourblocked effect with the cobalt, midnight navy and tan detailing and has that slouchiness I adore, coming with a lovely crossbody strap too. It will fit the computer and a few books (I’ve checked) and I think it’s the perfect size for touting around all day and looking decent while out and about too.

 Bath & Body Works Mini Candles ($3/12)

After going through the heartbreak of watching the glass of my Spiced Pumpkin Cider 3-Wick Candle shatter and take the wicks with it before I could even light the candle, I couldn’t resist heading into the store with their sale on and I’m pretty proud that I didn’t succumb to the rather expensive 2/35 offer on the larger candles and instead went for these small ones, but I was disappointed that they were all out of my lost scent. However, I came out with three small candles to try and I’m fairly excited to try them; my favourite has to be Flannel, one of those warm and spicy scents that screams attractive male but also looking forward to burning the weirdly nice-smelling Wasabi Apple Mini Candle and the nicely subdued Pumpkin Caramel Latte Mini Candle that surprised me by not making me feel mildly nauseous on account of the sweet scent.

 Gap Drop-Shoulder Sweater in Mushroom ($38.46)

Before heading home, I was wandering around Gap with the mother, as one does and this one caught my eye and from the moment I felt it, I knew the muted taupe-y slouchy sweater had to be mine. It has a flattering slouchy fit, as one would expect but the material is the best part – it’s nice and lightweight and soft without being heavy or scratchy and I would attribute it to the nylon and wool blend. Love.

 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Cheeky Bronze ($37)

I was strolling around MAC picking up a makeup gift for someone else and somehow I couldn’t leave MAC too empty handed (for myself) and this shade of the gorgeous luminous Mineralize Skinfinish caught my eye. I’m sure regular readers have heard me rave about limited edition shades loads of times and I couldn’t resist picking this permanent shade up that I could potentially fall in love with and others could actually get it. Whoa. It has the formula that I love and it’s definitely one of the more pigmented and smooth shades and it’s a golden hue with a hint of coral thrown through it. This is definitely not a highlighter on me but I’ve been loving it as a glowy blush – at least in the one time that I’ve worn it. I’m excited. Ever so slightly.

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What have you picked up lately?
Maggie, x.

5 Current Lusts #3: July


Considering that it’s only my second week of switching my posts up on Sundays but nevertheless, I have to say that I’m enjoying it thus far. I could easily call this a Weekend Wishlist kind of post as it follows that sort of lazy and relaxed mindset but I’ve restrained myself. And weirdly enough, wish lists keep my spending closer to in line and I imagine it will help more than hurt the no-buy situation at present.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Serum Foundation in 52 ($27)

As if by any stretch of the imagination I have any reason to pick up yet another foundation… alas, I have to include this one as it’s next on the seemingly never-ending list. Note: I fully acknowledge that I have a foundation-hoarding problem. Now that I’ve tried (and consequently have fallen in love with) a Chanel foundation, I can say that the Bourjois foundations remind me of the much more expensive brand, remaining thin and lightweight on the skin while giving the illusion of naked but more luminous skin — so obviously I need to try another one of their foundations, particularly one in a shade that will actually match me throughout my paler months. There is also the fact that my most trusted sources unanimously praise this one for its ability to glide over dry patches and give a glow to the skin.

Bath and Body Works Espresso Bar Small Candle ($10 – on for $5)

I’m not someone who is usually sensitive to scents but I can’t seem to go into Bath & Body Works for any length of time without acquiring a headache so I haven’t ever tried any of their products and even more, I haven’t burned a scented candle once in my life but I’ve decided that I wanted to try one as the idea of the whole soothing experience appeals to me. While it might not be the most seasonally-appropriate, there’s not much I love as much as the smell of coffee and if this delivers and I manage to safely deal with matches and/or a lighter, thinks look promising.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat ($41)

Unless you’ve only stumbled upon this post by chance, it’s a given that you’ve read at least one post where I wax poetically on about the cooler pink Ethereal Glow that I splurged on in the April Sephora sale and I’ve made a dent in that one — don’t know how I feel about that — so I obviously *need* (jokes) another; the one I’m lusting after is the true warm-toned coral, Diffused Heat. I’m a coral blush addict but this one seems to be a fairly true coral which is definitely a little different than my typical pink-tinged ones and if it performs anything like Ethereal Glow, it will be life changing with it’s soft-focus glowy-but-not-shimmery effect.

 MAC Eyeshadow in Smut ($12/18)

I’ve been massively into the shades in my almost-full (eek!) MAC palette as of late but as I love a good smoky eye, it’s becoming particularly noticeable to me that I’m lacking that ultra-dark/black shade for the outer corner and lash line — Smut strikes me as the ideal shade. This shade is so dark that it’s almost black, the deepest of browns with some plum and grey thrown into the mix and is supposedly much nicer in texture to work with than many of MAC’s other deep shades are to boot! Plus, the slight dirty tone to the shade deeply appeals to me.

Aldo ‘Cagno’ Bag ($60)

I could definitely use a new everyday bag right now but I’m persevering despite having a bag or two wearing out on me and Aldo makes nice ones at a decent price. I’m still absolutely obsessed with anything grey and I love the different coloured sides and it appears rather roomy with a cross-body option so it should also work throughout the year when I’m in classes. It looks like it will easily fit my laptop and general obsessive tendencies when packing my bag.

What items are on your wishlist?
Maggie, x.