Two MAC Acquisitions



DSC_1124There are three things (remotely beauty-related things) that moved Monday into great day territory. First, I actually got up off my ass and successfully de-potted some MAC eyeshadows and blushes and I didn’t burn my house down or anything along those lines. The next thing was that I was able to Back-2-Mac with the now-empty casings, looking around with a few of my favourite people alive – who enjoy MAC and don’t judge to boot – for a lipstick free of charge. Last but not least, I experienced the satisfaction of completing my first fifteen-pan MAC palette (or at least the shadow side of my duo palette); I am aware of how pathetic my life sounds, if you were pondering the subject. The point of this ramble? I’m rather pleased with the eyeshadow and lipstick that I picked up, even aside from the fact that I was only set back $13.80 — with tax included.

I had gone into MAC with the idea that I was going to pick up the wearable but deep Brick-o-la shade but it was actually sold out and I quickly got over it, picking up the MAC Kinda Sexy Matte Lipstick ($19) and instantly falling in love with the “neutral pinky-rose” hue when I swiped it onto my sore lips. I would describe it as one of those neutral flattering shades — on me it’s a my-lips-but-better shade that is quite opaque and peachy – that adds a little bit of colour to the lips without looking like ‘lipstick’. The matte formula isn’t particularly drying or unflattering on sore lips and actually seems to stain my lips somewhat and the shade seems to have the perfect mix of peach and brown – not muting my lips out but not having that unflattering ‘brown’ look either on my pale lips. I’m in love. 

In my recent wishlist post, I had mentioned my desire to complete my palette with MAC Smut Eyeshadow ($12/18) and that’s exactly what I did. Exactly as I thought, the “muted black with red shimmer” is a nicely textured shade with a satin finish (I don’t know what they’re talking about on the shimmer front) that serves the same purpose as black but is more interesting and easy to work with. It might not seem like the creamiest shadow in history but it’s blendable and has almost no fallout despite its dark shade. I’m loving this shade just as much to add depth and definition to the outer corner or general smokiness and I’m wearing this one in the outer-corner below, with All That Glitters on the lid, Soft Brown as a transition colour and Swiss Chocolate in the crease. The dark charcoal burgundy plum shade is a nice option for darkening things up, if you ask me.





What are your favourite MAC products?
Maggie, x.