The Cold Edit



Shortly after getting back into the swing of things and heading back to the university routine, I noticed that I was feeling irrationally exhausted and just kind of dazed; fast forward three days of yawning, laziness, fatigue and later on sneezing and congestion and I figured out that a cold was the culprit of things. Thinking back to it, I should have thought about things as soon as the chronic dehydration came in and many areas of my body began to instantly start peeling. Anyways, things are definitely changed up on the beauty front when you’re feeling as gross and groggy as I am and I thought I would chronicle them for you all. Am I the only one feeling under the weather?

I could have gone on for days in the skincare category and I’m not sure whether or not I’m exaggerating here but regardless, these two products that I limited myself to are essentials. I definitely add in my By Nature Organic Rosehip Oil when I feel any sort of illness coming on because it definitely delivers on the hydration and soothing front and my skin becomes dehydrated and irritated as soon as I’m hit with some sort of illness. Recently, I’ve tried out using the oil as a serum, prior to moisturizer and this really gives the skin an extra boost — and a much appreciated one at that. Being an oil, it also helps to combat the dull skin that becomes constant whenever I’m feeling like I am at the moment. I mention my problematically chapped lips frequently but they do get even worse with the dreaded cold and carrying around a balm that is both very nourishing and easy to apply out and about is essential; for me, the ideal choice is the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick, which is a lovely new addition to my whole skincare regime.

I’m going to be honest here and speak the truth that I’m less likely to get up early to brave the shower in the mornings quite as much as I should so a little bit of perfume to ensure things are smelling fresh and nice tends to be a welcome step. I’m definitely not typically a body spray girl but the Victoria’s Secret Pink Warm & Cozy Body Spray has blown me away as a warm vanilla-themed scent that instantly makes you smell nice and feel relaxed and cozy in the most low-key of ways. The next product could have been included in skincare because its sold as such but I don’t tend to count these spray cans of glorified water as skincare, however I love reaching for the Vichy Thermal Spa Water to help the makeup sit on my dull and dehydrated skin the most seamlessly — plus, the whole spritzing action feels pretty great, too!

Primer is not something that I can find myself reaching for daily because I can’t necessarily always view the step as worthwhile but on sick skin the Annabelle Colour Control Instant Perfecting Luminous Finish Base can make a big difference in the nicest of way; the hydrating opalescent liquid both delivers on the glow-giving front and helps the foundation to sit nicely over drier skin. In very much of a similar vein, the Bourjois 10-Hour Sleep Effect Foundation is a staple for me. The rather affordable foundation is quite possibly the foundation that makes my skin look the most luminous and it glides over dry patches the best out of any that I own. The Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque is something that I rely on regularly for camouflaging my dark circles without much effort but when I’m sick it’s doubly as important and when I experiment with anything else, it tends to be rather disastrous.

I’m a bronzer girl through and through but it’s dull days like these where it can make the most of a difference and as you might expect, the one I’ve been showing love is my favourite L’Oreal Glam Bronze Mono in Universal Sun. In the million times that I’ve mentioned this, I’ve repeated this fact constantly but the lovely deeper red-toned bronzer has the nicest texture and formula and it had to be said. There’s another cheek product that I’m afraid I must declare my love for again here because it just adds life back to the face with minimal effort involved and that product is the satiny Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow.

I’m also aware that an eyeliner is a weird choice here but being someone who doesn’t like their makeup without eyeliner being involved but cannot standwearing heavy or intense liner (and eye makeup in general) when I’m feeling as such — honestly, if it’s too much, I will start to feel drained when I look in the mirror and instantly remove my entire face. Anyway, this bronzy liner, the Marc Jacobs Beauty Hi(Liner) in Brown(Out) strikes the perfect balance of adding adequate definition while not being effortful or overly dramatic and it has the most magical formula to boot, gliding on and staying on like a dream. As nice and energizing that wearing some colour on your lips can be, I tend to favour something much lower maintenance but still flattering and brightening, so I tend to reach for the naturally rosy Annabelle Lip Liner in Demure and a neutral rosy lipstick to wear on top. I would be temped to forever go for my beloved MAC Patisserie, but I’ve found that colours that are a little deeper, in the rosy mauve family can be nice for a change when in those forgiving sheerer formulas like today’s pick, the L’Oreal Collection Privee Lipstick in Eva’s Nude.


I thought it would be nice to provide links for these products below and a few of them are of the affiliate variety, as a disclaimer, except for the foundation and blush that I couldn’t locate online.

The Products

L’Oreal Collection Privee Colour Riche Lipstick in Eva’s Nude ($10.99) | Annabelle Lipliner in Demure ($5.95) | Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Brown(Out) ($30) | Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque ($30) | Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow ($41) | Annabelle Colour Control Luminous Finish Instant Perfecting Base ($16.95) | Vichy Thermal Spa Water ($11.95) | PINK Warm & Cozy Body Mist ($18) |  Nuxe Rêve de Miel® Lip Moisturizing Stick($7) | By Nature Organic Rosehip Oil ($22-26)

What beauty products do you reach for when you’re feeling under the weather?

Maggie, x.




The (Kind-Of) Beauty Bargain: Bourjois Cream Blush in 04 Sweet Cherry



Hiiiiii I’m here hoping you’re doing as well as can be expected on his June tuesday and here bringing you another one of these budget beauty posts in a relatively short span of time. I do admit that it is rather difficult to call this a bargain in these parts as the Bourjois Cream Blush in 04 Sweet Cherry retails for $20 Canadian in these parts but they are less expensive than MAC and don’t cost considerably more than the more expensive drugstore brands (L’Oreal, Physicians Formula etc.) and if the darkest shade is anything to go by, they are a fantastic formulation in their own right. In terms of details shmetails, there are four shades in the “cream to powder” range housed in these compact pots with 0.08 oz of product and they do have quite a perfume-y scent to them.

Sweet Cherry is a subtly warm-toned slightly dirty rosy mauve shade that gives that natural-looking rosiness to the face along with seamless definition. In the picture above it’s the only product on my cheeks in terms of colour, if you’re interested. Although it seems to be marketed as a cream formula that loses its creaminess as it sets, I wouldn’t necessarily agree and for me and my dull dehydrated skin this is a good thing — the lightweight mousse-y cream formula is easier to work with than traditional cream formulas but it doesn’t lose the gorgeous finish of a true cream, leaving the cheeks luminous but without any shimmer or glitter. The cream blush has surprising longevity on the cheeks by itself and has impressive buildable pigmentation that allows them to give off colour without being overwhelming. And look, I managed to take an in-focus swatch picture on my new camera – yay:


Although I’m someone who is intrigued by the radiance and texture-smoothing properties offered by these cream-textured blushes, I tend to find them more difficult as they can be more difficult to apply than their powder counterparts but this formula is an exception for me and makes me want to pick up the rest of the range. When it comes down to it, unless you’re of a dark skintone where it’s unlikely that any of these shades will show up without looking chalky, I highly recommend giving these a go if you’re interested in a creamy formulation of blush!

Have you tried any of these? What’s your favourite cream blush?
Maggie, x.



The Rainy Day Edit



Here in my small corner in the realm of beauty blogging, I seem to see Spring constantly depicted as a season of sunshine, warmth and clear skies but here Spring may have the occasional really warm day, but is generally rainy, overcast and not overly warm on most occasions. Honestly, most of the time it’s all gross, rainy and wet. I thought I would share some of my most appreciated beauty products for getting me up and at ’em on days like these.

By Nature Organic Rosehip Oil ($26 CDN):Although beneficial oils like this one has much more benefits than purely radiance-boosting but it really is a lifesaver for saving lackluster dull skin and adding in some luminosity while being soothing. Because it is a dry oil, this oil can be used during the daytime without leaving that heavy oily residue and this is what sets it apart from others.

The Body Shop Aloe Protective Restoring Mask ($22 CDN):Do you want to know a secret about my daily beauty routine? Well, it’s not particularly novel or interesting but I don’t wear makeup every day of the week and with no shame I rock the bare face out and about but on those no-makeup days during this dull and dreary weather, I slather my face with this soothing moisture mask with nice results — although this is a thick mask, it does absorb over time and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin so it’s no sort of irritation to use. I always use this a few times a week but at the moment I’m reaching for it more frequently because it seems to soothe the skin like nothing else and add vitality back in instantly.

Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo ($6-8 CDN): I have naturally curly hair so it shouldn’t be a shock that when my hair comes into contact with this kind of humidity, it falls flat and frizzes and turns into knot central and this can be a lifesaver to add life to the roots of my hair and avoid the flat and limp effect with the added texture and body.

Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation ($26 CDN): Gross days like these call for a truly dewy kind of base product that looks like skin and this is my pick but I must admit that it is likely that I chose this one because I can finally wear it; I have it in shade 73 from when I picked it up in the early fall last year when I apparently still had some colour and with the little bit of fake-tanning that I have going on at the moment its perfect. The coverage is only a touch more than light but it works wonders at providing gorgeous radiant skin and evening out some tone. 

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny ($3 CDN):Normally I’m quite a blush girl, gushing about relying on it to add some life and brightness to the face but lately in this gloomy rainy weather, I’ve been enjoying skipping the blush in the name of some more all-over bronzing and I’ve been using this matte warm-toned bronzer. When applied more liberally on the cheeks as well as on the sides of the face, I find it keeps everything from looking so drained and dreary.

Maybelline Coloursensational ‘The Buffs’ Lipstick in Nude Lust ($9-10 CDN):Although I’m an advocate for the bold lip in general, there’s something that doesn’t sit well in me when I wear these brights on days like these, so the neutral lipstick that does not wash you out but rather does the opposite is needed and this darker nude with a hint of brown in it does the trick flawlessly. If only the formula were slightly more forgiving on chapped patches…

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish ($37 CDN):As strange as this may seem given that I’m drier-skinned and are always searching for that glow, I’m not someone who goes for a highlighter on a daily basis, however when everything is a little dark and dreary, in need of light, I go for this one. Now, I have the long-gone Semi-Precious Pearl shade but I’m sure any of these smooth highlighting powders would function in the same way, instantly perking up the skin.

What do you find yourself reaching for on these Spring rainy days?

Maggie, x.



The Daily Face #8: Everyday Smoky Featuring Urban Decay Naked 3




There’s something about the effortless-looking and not overdone smoky eye that grabs me in every time. And every time I see Amelia Liana sporting one, I’m in awe. Annnnnd I figured I’d give my take with the Urban Decay Naked 3. Andddddd it’s all about the warm tones everywhere else that I adore, so nothing ground-breaking here.

face: Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect in 73 & Rimmel Wake Me Up in Ivory (mixed), MUFE 5 Concealer Cream Palette in 1 (just the second lightest shade for pinpoint concealing),Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer/Highlighter in Ivory, Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer in Warm Tan, Benefit Rockateur Boxed Powder, Revlon Photoready Skin Lights in Pink Glow

eyes: MAC Coquette (brows), Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer, Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette (Strange, Buzz, Limit, Nooner, Factory, Blackheart), Annabelle Smoothliner in Brownie, L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Mascara

lips: Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 08

It was no surprise to me that today was one of those mornings when you’re desperate to add some vitality to your face for me as that whole sleeping thing hasn’t really been going as planned and I wanted to wear the Bourjois foundation but there was no way I could get away with it on its own so I mixed a little bit of Rimmel in. Some shape was added to my cheekbones – read: much needed – with the cream bronzer and my latest addition, the Revlon highlighter. Speaking of the highlighter, I was rather impressed as it translated to dewiness on the skin rather than shimmer sitting on top with the subtle pink hue. I’ll have to keep you posted on this but my first impression is that I like it. I don’t even need to explain my blush choice, do I?……. I love the rosy Rockateur.

I was at Walmart the other day and when I spotted the Rimmel primer that I had heard good things about at a good price, I couldn’t resist – I’ve been on the lookout to find a better one than the Nyx one that I don’t love. This one doesn’t feel quite as silicone-y but I’ll have to give my thoughts soon after some contemplation. The very same trip resulted in picking up the Annabelle Brownie Smoothliner and I must say that I’m instantly impressed by its pigmentation and creaminess that I’m wearing smudged onto the lashlines and inside the waterline. For the shadow here, it’s a pretty standard for me but one I do adore: Limit blended out into the crease, Nooner applied more precisely right in the crease, Buzz packed onto the lid with my fingers, the taupe-y Factory blended into the outer corner and underneath the lower lashline, Blackheart packed on with the included brush, blended into the outer-v and Strange to bring it all together and highlight – this sounds much more complicated than it is, by the way. Oh, and, I was dangerously low on mascara and I picked up the L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess and I’m impressed with the volume and separation without clumping. For the lips, I’ve been really enjoying the rosy-mauve shade, Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in 08, with it’s creamy formula and brightening yet understated colour.



Hi, my name is Maggie and I have uncontrollable hair

What makeup have you been wearing?

Maggie, x.

P.S. I’m choosing to ignore the significance of the date today

Makeup Additions #2



Things have been a little hectic here and I apologize for neglecting the blog but I’ll spare you from rambling on about the craziness of university life as I’m sure you can fill it in for yourself if you so desire. It’s been snow-central this week so my product selections might have been inspired by the whole snowed-in motif that’s been going on here. These aren’t all necessarily brand spankin’ new products but these are the products that have been added into the daily rotation…

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette ($62 CDN)

So almost a month after my wishlist post and two months waiting since it came out, I finally picked this up and let me say that I am really enjoying it. There are a few shades with a glittery tendency that are difficult to work with (Trick, Buzz and Dust) a la Sidecar from the original palettes but they are light enough that I don’t find it to be a problem and these shades are very usable. Although this palette focuses more on lighter shades, there is a good variety of shades with different depth to create cohesive makeup looks unlike many palettes. At first I was wary of this palette because I expected it to be icier pinks but the shades are warm with a rosiness to it and on my warm-toned skin, both interesting and flattering. It seems really versatile thus far and I’m impressed despite all the hype. And there are three matte shades although they call one a satin and they are divine – the cream-coloured Strange, the light mauve-taupe Limit and the medium-dark rosy brown Nooner. I would expect this to be featured in daily face posts and a review soon.

wearing Strange, Limit, Nooner, Buzz & Blackheart
wearing Strange, Limit, Nooner, Buzz & Blackheart

Bourjois Sweet Cherry Cream Blush ($20 CDN)

It’s nice that Bourjois is available here in Canada but it’s annoying how much more expensive it is here than in the UK but this is a worthwhile purchase nevertheless. There isn’t a huge amount of product in the warm rosy pink pot (like the product) it’s a buildable formula that sets like a powder. In my experience this is longlasting with sheer but buildable colour payoff that blends seamlessly into the skin. It isn’t powdery-looking and flat but it doesn’t have any sort of shimmer in it either.

the cream blush in action with regular application
the cream blush in action with regular application
the blush built up
the blush built up


L’Oreal Super Blendable Crayon Concealer ($12-15 CDN)

I must apologize in advance for the state of my concealer (which is in W 1-2-3 if you’re interested) but it came broken inside the package and I wasn’t going to pay for a new one. It’s somewhat emollient but not overly so and provides nice buildable coverage that looks like skin and does not tend to highlight dry patches and stays put. I actually like this for undereyes and blemishes and I don’t feel that way about all concealers but it’s not the fullest coverage concealer out there.

Have you tried any of these? What have you added to your routine recently?



October Beauty Favourites


October ended up being even crazier than September. I’ve been exhausted, the weather has cooled dramatically and school has been insane with midterms, papers and all. This month I began to experience the wonderful phenomenon that is my skin’s response to the cooler season (itchiness, redness, skin burning and dehydration) and learned to adapt my makeup routine to make it as quick as possible – you know the grab and go routine where you have two minutes until you’re out the door and look terrible? In light of this, my favourites became fairly apparent this month.

Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer Daily Hydrator

I just talked about this in my fall skincare edit (here) for good reason. I am one of those people that suffer from serious dehydration and sensitivity the moment the weather begins to get colder and this moisturizer has really impressed me as compensation for this. i really appreciate that the moisturizer is lightweight and fast-absorbing while still being incredibly rich and soothing.

Nars Orgasm Powder Blush

For some reason, this hyped-up shade is one I find myself reaching for much more frequently in the cooler months. It gives a flattering, brightening glow to the cheeks, I’d say. I do have to mention that it’s not super unique but I have been loving this warm pink-coral blush with golden shimmer.

Dior Miss Dior Fragrance

I’ve never really been a perfume but lately I’ve really been getting into using this one. I adore that it’s sophisticated while still being young, subtle and not the sweetest in the least. It is fresh with a hint of woodsiness to it but don’t take my description here as fact because I am not talented at describing scents. I’m working my way through my sample from Sephora and am seriously debating purchasing it full-sized.

MAC Patisserie Lipstick

This is the first Lustre I’ve purchased from MAC and i quite like the formula – moisturizing, medium pigmented and has a nice sheen. This shade is a warm-toned pinky-brown wearable nude and it wears for a few hours and doesn’t emphasize dry patches on the lips.

Bourjois 10 Hr Sleep Effect Foundation

As I mentioned in my review, (link here) I picked up this foundation in the third shade which is 73, a nicely neutral fair-ish shade. I find that with a pump of product this offers slightly more coverage than light but not quite medium. This foundation emphasizes dry patches less than any other foundation I’ve tried (although severe ones will still be noticable) and offers a natural-looking dewy skin finish and decently-good longevity. I think this foundation is rather under-hyped.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I’ve definitely mentioned the complexity of my thoughts on this palette before and recently put up a review (link here! but I can honestly say I’ve really made use of (and enjoyed) using this palette this month. Although these shades are obviously rather warm toned and shimmery it’s made it’s way into the staples pile. I like how it contains every single basic shade I need for a look. Sin is a gorgeous subtle lid shade, buck and naked are great for filling in my brows or in the crease, creep is great for subtle lining and darkhorse and hustle are great for the outer v! I like more but those are my absolute picks and they create the quick no-fuss and flattering defined eye.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny

I’m not exactly sure how this purchase happened, well sort of. Like many other brands of the more affordable variety, NYC is difficult to find in Canada and when I ventured into Walmart (which I rarely do), I couldn’t resist picking this up. It’s a pigmented matte light-medium warm toned bronzer that doesn’t lean particularly orange and I’ve been reaching for this most days. I like that its dark enough and has the right type of colour to add both a bit of warmth and can help to shape the face.


Bourjois 10 Hr Sleep Effect Foundation

The French side ... whoops :)
The French side … whoops 🙂 It actually reads Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation, Fresh, rested complexion with Vitamin (E,F, B5 and mineral-enriched formula
excuse the fingernails :)
excuse the fingernails 🙂
Before (makeupless)
Before (makeupless)

Ever since I discovered that Bourjois makeup was available in Canada at Shoppers (but not particularly affordably) I have been meaning to try a foundation, as I’ve heard such fantastic things about them. Because my mind is completely irrational, I picked the one that I hadn’t heard much about – Bourjois 10 Hr Sleep Effect foundation.

The foundation is a sheer and truly dewy one offering solid light coverage (or maybe a little more than light asit does cover some redness). I do think the product excels at making dull skin looking rested but as when I’m sick and stressed I have some spots, redness and general imperfections I sometimes require more coverage and might reach for a hefty amount of concealer or a medium-coverage foundation. I think this foundation would show severe dry patches but I do not find it highlights them and I can see myself reaching for this in the dead of winter.

Unless you really pack this on, it is almost imperceptible on the skin and looks like glowing dewy skin. I find this foundation to last all day on me but longevity isn’t ever really a problem on my skin. This is a step dewier than other foundations such as Rimmel Wake Me Up, YSL La Teint Touché Éclat and MAC Mineralize Moisture and feels as light as it appears.

This is a foundation that lacks a wide shade range. It’s not suitable for anyone with a deeper skin tone than a medium tan but it does have some good options for fair skin (71 is a touch fairer than NC15). I picked up this foundation at the end of summer and it matches my slightly darker skin – I picked up shade 73 for $26. This shade is fair-medium in shade with neutral to olive undertones.

In terms of equivalent shades of 73, I can think of a few. It is rather similar to Diorskin Nude in 20 Light Beige, MUFE HD in 118 (don’t have it so I cannot show it) and about a n20-25 (neither particularly warm or cool).

The packaging is neither the best nor the worst. I really like that it comes with a pump and is not particularly large but it does not look luxurious in the least. I don’t mind this but it is something to consider.


Here I am wearing a small pump of this foundation without any other makeup on my face and I thought I would include a photo of myself wearing it with some concealer and the rest of my makeup done:


So, here’s my final recommendation: I would probably give this foundation an A-/A as I think it clings to dry patches much less than others and is a great one for natural-looking and glowing skin (for drier skin types) but the shade range is limited. I definitely think this is a good option for fairer skins because the shades start nice and light. I think this foundation is suitable for combination, normal and dry skin looking for some light coverage and luminosity. It’s longevity was good for a sheer foundation and I quite like it. It can be built up slightly by the way. Thoughts?