The Daily Face #6: Warm and Smoky


It’s amazing how irrational we can be when taxing matters are involved. I have a confession; I don’t clean my makeup brushes anywhere near the minimally recommended and required amount and I tend to be rather delusional about it. Case in point, I haven’t been feeling my eye makeup for a week or two, noticing that it was looking rather muddy but that little voice in my head that allows me to hold on to my sanity was determined to convince me that it wasn’t. Well it was. And I finally convinced myself to clean a few of my brushes and make some effort. The laborious task was worth it, let me tell you. However the amount of product that emerged in the sink during the washing process was borderline terrifying. Is anyone as lazy as me?

FACE: Lancome La Base Pro Primer, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 115, MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Light, Rimmel Match Perfection Highlighting Concealer in Ivory, Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Light, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter, Maybelline Hi-Lighting Bronzer in Deep Bronze
BROWS: Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow w/ a bit of Buck on the outside portion
EYES: NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette (Buck, Sin, Toasted, Smog & Darkhorse), Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Brown, Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Black Ebony, Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
LIPS: MAC Patisserie Lipstick

 I’ve been in more of a smoky eye mood lately and today I was surprisingly happy with the subtlety of the result. As I have been in the last couple of days, I pulled out my longtime pre-blog favourite but now oft-neglected, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and I’ve been really enjoying it for its skin like finish and ability to smooth over texture imperfections of the skin. I know many seem to say that the ever-popular foundation emphasizes dry patches but I don’t find this to be true in the slightest. As I seem to have this compulsive need to add some shape to my face, I pulled out the subtle offering by Rimmel and of course I topped it with my current “blush” love the warm coppery Maybelline Hi-Lighting Bronzer in Deep Bronze – I’m sure you’re sick of me talking about this but it’s deserving of every mention and more. For my chapped and worse-for-wear lips I put on the effortless warm nude that isn’t actually any paler than my lips, MAC Patisserie.

Knowing me, it shouldn’t be a shock that a, I didn’t make a huge departure from my go-to shades and that b, I used the Naked Palette for the daytime smoky eye in question, however I did something different, placing Toasted all across the lid, only putting my typical go-to shade, Sin in the inner corner. Keeping with the warm theme, Buck went in the crease but was then followed with Smog in the outer portion and Darkhorse was the finishing shade, blended into the outer corner and lower lashline. I had been planning to wear the Rimmel brown liner in both the inner rims of my eyes and on the lash lines but due to it’s waxy texture, I can never get it to transfer onto the waterline so I went for my Lancome standby I’ve had for ages. The Rimmel liner is one product that I do not understand the hype of for the life of me. On the mascara note, I doubt you even need to ask.

I was surprised with how the makeup turned out – the eyes were subtly smoky while still looking awake and the skin had a nice warm glow. And the lipstick of course was divine. I devote an entire book to my love of Patisserie



Thoughts? What makeup have you been reaching for lately?

October Beauty Favourites


October ended up being even crazier than September. I’ve been exhausted, the weather has cooled dramatically and school has been insane with midterms, papers and all. This month I began to experience the wonderful phenomenon that is my skin’s response to the cooler season (itchiness, redness, skin burning and dehydration) and learned to adapt my makeup routine to make it as quick as possible – you know the grab and go routine where you have two minutes until you’re out the door and look terrible? In light of this, my favourites became fairly apparent this month.

Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer Daily Hydrator

I just talked about this in my fall skincare edit (here) for good reason. I am one of those people that suffer from serious dehydration and sensitivity the moment the weather begins to get colder and this moisturizer has really impressed me as compensation for this. i really appreciate that the moisturizer is lightweight and fast-absorbing while still being incredibly rich and soothing.

Nars Orgasm Powder Blush

For some reason, this hyped-up shade is one I find myself reaching for much more frequently in the cooler months. It gives a flattering, brightening glow to the cheeks, I’d say. I do have to mention that it’s not super unique but I have been loving this warm pink-coral blush with golden shimmer.

Dior Miss Dior Fragrance

I’ve never really been a perfume but lately I’ve really been getting into using this one. I adore that it’s sophisticated while still being young, subtle and not the sweetest in the least. It is fresh with a hint of woodsiness to it but don’t take my description here as fact because I am not talented at describing scents. I’m working my way through my sample from Sephora and am seriously debating purchasing it full-sized.

MAC Patisserie Lipstick

This is the first Lustre I’ve purchased from MAC and i quite like the formula – moisturizing, medium pigmented and has a nice sheen. This shade is a warm-toned pinky-brown wearable nude and it wears for a few hours and doesn’t emphasize dry patches on the lips.

Bourjois 10 Hr Sleep Effect Foundation

As I mentioned in my review, (link here) I picked up this foundation in the third shade which is 73, a nicely neutral fair-ish shade. I find that with a pump of product this offers slightly more coverage than light but not quite medium. This foundation emphasizes dry patches less than any other foundation I’ve tried (although severe ones will still be noticable) and offers a natural-looking dewy skin finish and decently-good longevity. I think this foundation is rather under-hyped.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I’ve definitely mentioned the complexity of my thoughts on this palette before and recently put up a review (link here! but I can honestly say I’ve really made use of (and enjoyed) using this palette this month. Although these shades are obviously rather warm toned and shimmery it’s made it’s way into the staples pile. I like how it contains every single basic shade I need for a look. Sin is a gorgeous subtle lid shade, buck and naked are great for filling in my brows or in the crease, creep is great for subtle lining and darkhorse and hustle are great for the outer v! I like more but those are my absolute picks and they create the quick no-fuss and flattering defined eye.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny

I’m not exactly sure how this purchase happened, well sort of. Like many other brands of the more affordable variety, NYC is difficult to find in Canada and when I ventured into Walmart (which I rarely do), I couldn’t resist picking this up. It’s a pigmented matte light-medium warm toned bronzer that doesn’t lean particularly orange and I’ve been reaching for this most days. I like that its dark enough and has the right type of colour to add both a bit of warmth and can help to shape the face.


Urban Decay Naked Palette


I’ve always been relatively lukewarm to this palette; the shades were high quality and the price-per-shade was right but there was something off about this product being a must have for me. I do find that it is too shimmery and metallic overall and the shades run a bit too warm (even though my skin leans slightly warm). I don’t always necessarily subscribe to the choose-eyeshadow-to-make-your-peepers-pop thing but they are particularly flattering on my blue eyes but I think they’re nice on all eye colours. I’ve had this palette for over two years and was never planning on doing a review on it but here goes…

Overall, the shades are really great quality, wearing for a long time (among the longest) without going creasy or patchy (with a primer, of course because I am disposed to shadow creasing on me) and with a pigmented and smooth texture but they do vary so I’ll describe them individually below and give my thoughts on them. By the way, the palette retails for $62 CDN at Sephora and contains 12 full-sized (0.05 oz) shadows, a mini-sized Urban Decay Primer Potion and a synthetic shadow brush.

Virgin is a pearly ivory-pink highlight shade that isn’t overtly shimmery and provides a nice sheen. It’s not the most pigmented in the world and I don’t believe it would suit skins darker than a medium in my opinion. I quite like this as a highlight shade on my fair skin. This shade is permanent.

Sin is a soft and finely-milled pinky-champage with warm undertones and a shimmery finish. The texture and pigmentation of this shade is great. This has to be one of my favourite lid colours of all time and is permanent.

Naked is a cool-toned light matte brown. It has impressive texture for a matte and is permanent. However, the shade is so light that it suits fair complexions as a transition colour and medium ones as a base-shadow colour. I like using this to fill in my brows when I want a really natural look and I use it as a transition shade frequently.

Sidecar is a warm toned medium taupe-bronze shade with glitter in it. It’s pigmented but doesn’t have the most impressive texture and really is prone to fall out. Also there is a red undertone to it that makes it difficult for me to wear but the shade is stunning on others. This shade has been previously available but is not permanent.

Buck is a slightly warm-toned medium matte brown without too much orangeness to it. I find myself reaching for this shade tons as of late. The texture is great as is the pigmentation. It can be used to fill in the brows if you have warmer toned brunette hair but I find it slightly too warm for that but I use it loads in the crease. This shade is permanent.

Half Baked is a warm-toned light intense metallic gold shade with a hint of bronze to it. The texture on this shade is fabulous and is the same high quality you can expect from shadows from this brand. I quite like this shade but it’s not something I reach for on a daily basis because I find it to be overly intense and metallic! This shade is permanent.

Smog is a medium-dark slightly warmed toned bronze shade with a slight green undertone to it and is nice and shimmery. The texture and pigmentation is good. This shade is nice but not particularly unique. I wear it in the crease on occasion and have worn it on the lid. It is flattering on blue eyes. This shade is also permanent.

Darkhorse seems to me to be a dark chocolate brown shade base with green flecks of glitter/shimmer in it. The pigmentation is good and the texture is not amazing but relatively impressive as the shade is so dark. This is a staple for me in the outer-v and as a subtle liner. I would say it is neither cool nor warm and is permanently available.

Toasted is a warm toned medium subtle pinky-copper with a subtle plumminess to it. It is difficult to describe and much better than it sounds. The texture is great and I don’t reach for this shade a ton but its a great one! This shade is permanently available.

Hustle is a slightly cool toned, taupe-brown with plummy undertones. The finish is shimmering but not in an overpowering way. It’s a great quality shadow and I use it frequently in my crease. This shade is exclusive to this palette, I believe.

Creep is a soft black with bluish-silver glitter running throughout it. It is not the richest deepest black and the glitter can be slightly annoying. The pigmentation isn’t the best nor is the texture but for being such a dark colour it’s fine. I use it loads in the outer-v, used as liner and to smudge liner. I’m fairly certain this shade is exclusive to this palette.

Gunmetal is a cool-toned dark metallic grey shade with a gorgeous silvery subdued blue sheen to it. This shade has amazing pigmentation and texture. This is definitely an underhyped shade. It is permanent and its great in  the outer v.

Swatched top to bottom in order listed above
Swatched top to bottom in order listed above

It now comes with a synthetic eyeshadow brush that I appear to have misplaced at the moment and is good quality but not one I find myself reaching for frequently. I do use it on occasion to pack colour onto the lid.

I would have to give this palette a B+/A- on the grounds that the shadows are great quality and value for money and would practical for everyday use on account of the tones, however I find the shades overly shimmery as a whole and overly too warm to be an all-in-all essential palette to use without the aid of other shadows. The hype is there for a reason and it is a great investment to add to your collection (given that you don’t own a million neutrals). Thoughts on my way late review?

the look - keep in mind here that the photo was taken with flash
the look – keep in mind here that the photo was taken with flash

In the interest of bettering myself (and particularly my tendency to be excessively wordy), I thought I’d try to do a Face of the Day without going on and on and on and on (you get the idea) about the products and all. Where I live (in Canada) has been going through unusually sweltering (and unbearable IMO) weather lately which sort of changes the kind of makeup I wear so I thought I’d write a bit about it. This stayed put really well in the mid to high-thirties weather we’ve been experiencing. Also, I should mention that the flash is making my face look awfully dewy when it wasn’t actually. I am aware that this picture is not particularly flattering but this photo showed the makeup the most accurately.

better look at the eyes - without flash
better look at the eyes – without flash


Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Plus in 40

Make Up For Ever 5 Concealer Cream Palette in 1 – on chin and underneath the eyes

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl highlighter on cheekbones

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 021 Sun Glow to add definition and colour

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty on cheeks

MAC Studio Careblend pressed powder in Light on the t-zone


Benefit Stay Don’t Stray primer

MAC Woodwinked eye shadow all over the lid

MAC Charcoal Brown eye shadow to fill in my brows, in the crease, and to add definition to the bottom lashline

a touch of Urban Decay Half-Baked eye shadow in the center of the lids – most likely not necessary…

MAC Dazzlelight eye shadow as an inner-corner and browbone highlight

Urban Decay Darkhorse eye shadow in the outer-v to add definition and smudged into the lashes

Maybelline Master Drama Precise felt-tip liner to create a subtle winged eye

L’Oreal voluminous mascara


EOS lip balm

MAC Sail la Vie lipstick on the lips straight out of the bullet- this colour is limited-edition from last summer and is not available anymore but Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin is similar and MAC Neon Orange is slightly brighter and more orange.


FOTD – Longlasting Makeup for Hot Weather

FOTD- Day to Night with Urban Decay Naked Palette

products used
products used

In the last few weeks I’ve been trying to be creative and make more use of my neglected Naked palette. The thing is I tend to find the palette too shimmery and too warm to be a palette to use for a bunch of different whole looks but I’ve been managing to create a few that I’ve liked. This one has by far been my favourite as I think it’s really pretty without being overdone, defined and versatile. This is the kind of makeup that I find suits casual days to going-out nights. It’s nothing spectacular, I just thought that I would share! 🙂

The look :)
The look 🙂
my lip colour is off … whoops 🙂


If you don’t have the colours I have, I’ll try to give some alternatives at the end; there’s nothing I hate more than a look I like but own none of the colours for.


1. I primed my eyes with Primer Potion and then I used the brush that comes in the Naked Palette to pat a good amount of Sin on the inner half of the lid and Toasted on the outer half and then blended the edges together.

2. So I sort of cheated a little – I used one shadow not in the Naked Palette. I used the darker shade of Nars Kalahari (the right side) in the crease with a fluffy blending brush.

3. I filled in my brows lightly with Buck on an angled brush.

5. I applied Hustle into the outer-v and then blended outwards with my MAC 239.

6. Using my angled liner brush again, I applied Hustle underneath my eye in the outer corner.

7. I lined my upper lashes with same brush using Darkhouse and smudged it. I also applied some on my MAC 239 brush and used it to darken the outer v.

8. I highlighted the browbone and brightened the inner corner with Virgin.

9. I used L’Oreal Voluminous mascara on my upper lashes.

I’m sorry but I maybe sort of used the same cheek and lip products as in the other look … but at least its proof of their excellence? 🙂

10. I used Rimmel Wake Me Up in 100 for my foundation which I really like the colour match for my skin, the glow it provides, its lasting power and that it’s not too noticeable.

11. I put the second-lightest colour of Make Up For Ever 5 Concealer Cream Palette – my shade is 1- underneath my eyes and onto rather pronounced blemishes.

12. I used Rimmel Natural Glow Bronzer in 021 on my cheekbones, forhead, temples, nose and blended it into my neck to bronze my face up slightly with a large blush brush.

13. I placed MAC Stereo Rose MSF on my cheeks with the same brush, blending it into the bronzer. I know this is LE, but I’ll talk about other options below 🙂

14. I put the tiniest bit of Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones.

15. With my finger, I dabbed some Bobbi Brown Rose Pot Rouge onto my lips.

This sounds long but it wasn’t and was rather quick and easy!

Alternative List

UD Sin – MAC Naked Lunch, MAC All That Glitters for darker skintones

UD Virgin – MAC Shroom, MAC Dazzlelight is a golden alternative

UD Toasted – MAC Sable is slightly darker, MAC All That Glitters is slightly lighter

Nars Kalahari (Darker Shade)  – I can’t think of anything extremely similar but UD Buck could be used in its place (if you’re warmer), MAC Charcoal Brown or Espresso – these are both matte although Kalahari has a sheen

UD Hustle – MAC Satin Taupe is similar

UD Darkhorse – Any brown darker than Hustle would work, I’ve heard Nars Cordura is similar, MAC Handwritten is similar without the shimmer but ever-so-slightly warmer, MAC Embark and Smut are also similar and they have some sheen to them

MAC Stereo Rose – MAC Springsheen is peachier, MAC Orgasm is pinker and lighter (without the bronze-ness) and Milani Coralina is slightly pinker and Rose d’Oro slightly more orange-leaning coral

Any thoughts? 🙂