The Review | Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Powder Duo

This statement should essentially speak for itself: I have no qualms about saying that  Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Powder Duo in 01 Clair – Brunettes ($60) is the best bronzer I’ve ever tried and I love it so much that I would easily use it every day without the smallest sign of regret and zero ounces of boredom. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you would already be aware of how much I love this sheerer bronzer, based on the number of times I’ve raved about it in favourites posts and the like – but if not, here’s a clue.



This ‘healthy glow bronzing powder’ is unfortunately limited edition, so if you’re interested I would suggest acting fast. What differentiates these powders from Guerlain’s other myriad of bronzing formulas is that they consist of two different shades and focus on imparting the skin with a sunkissed radiance rather than an obviously bronzed effect. Guerlain asserts that these powders leave the skin comfortable and with a soft satin finish that achieves the glowing effect without obvious shimmer or sheen. The crescent of blush in the compact is also designed to revitalize the complexion, in addition to the bronzing hue adding that subtle glow. The most shocking thing is that Guerlain actually achieves its claims here.

The powder itself blends seamlessly with the skin, adding an effortless golden glow with the traditional bronzing shade and a hint of brightness with the crescent of peachy-coral colour. The powders feel indulgent to the touch and are the smoothest and most finely-milled that I’ve come across, imparting the skin with this perfect ethereal glow that doesn’t seem to fade or become patchy even after 10-12 hours. As Guerlain claims, the two shades have a soft glowing satin finish without any semblance of shimmer particles. I will warn you that the powder swatches pathetically in comparison to how it applies – especially in terms of pigmentation. I do assure you that it is far less sheer than the swatches might suggest. The bronzing portion is a yellow-based warm-toned shade that doesn’t read orange in the slightest and the blush crescent is a soft coral with a peachy lean to it. Also, I find myself reaching for the blush crescent individually so this whole fusion of the two shades is not overly gimmicky in my experience.

the bronzing shade | the blush crescent | a blend of the two
the bronzing shade | the blush crescent | a blend of the two

It’s housed in gorgeous compact two-toned packaging but does house a great deal of product (0.35 ounces to be exact). It’s definitely a sleek looking compact that has a nice sturdy closure and a practical mirror. I kind of adore how this tan and brown compact is both practical and undeniably luxe. There are three possible complaints one could make about this bronzing duo, however; there’s a strong (but pleasant) musky fragrance to this powder that does not dissipate particularly quickly, it is an investment purchase and that the four shades cater to those with fairer skintones pretty exclusively.

before | after
before | after
 What’s your favourite bronzer?
Maggie, x.



Weekly Medley #59/60/61

This has got to be a record for me, being the most belated weekly medley post as of yet, but in my defense I was exam writing and essaying, and quite honestly I was not going to put one of my rare moments of spare time to write quite possibly the dullest post ever – given the content. I’ve said it before: now that I’m done with my third year of university I kind of don’t know how to deal. This seemed like the best start somehow…

Recently Updated73

  1. One rare moment of celebration (featuring alcohol) should be saying enough in itself, however I’ll elaborate: I actually socialized in a functional way and actually had fun plus there was actual documented photo evidence. I must say that the gin and tonic was divine.
  2. There’s something a wee bit off in this picture – perhaps the extreme amount of snow that we have in the middle of April? Although the infestation of snow is still present, I’m pleased to report that Spring is appearing to rear its head and we haven’t had any storms in ten days. Shocking.
  3. This image might strike you as familiar, however, I couldn’t help but repeat it. How else was I to depict the craziness over the last few weeks precisely?
  4. I might have bought The Sims 4 as a post-exam celebratory present and I also might have enjoyed binge-playing it throughout the last few days of spare time. It’s gooooood, especially if it’s also a nostalgic pastime.
  5. Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo in 01 Clair-Brunettes, one of the substantial purchases from my relatively contained Sephora order, and let me tell you that it might just be worth the splurge! It’s subtle but adds the nicest warmth and kind of indescribable glow to the face. More on this and other items to come soon – heads up.
  6. Although I have not been particularly thrilled with my less than frequent posting schedule as of late, I have been satisfied with the posts that have gone up. This one titled “Some Recent Acquisitions” was among my favourites.
So any updates from the last three weeks?
Maggie, x.