The Monday Morning Edit

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Sometimes I think that it’s these posts that detail the products that you reach for consistently through your rushed and exhausted times can be the most telling, so inspired by Suzie’s post from ages ago, I thought I would show you a few of the products that I find myself reaching for on a rushed Monday morning, even when it hurts open my eyes in order to find them in the piled assortment that is my makeup.

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Quiet Brunette ($21)

When I’m in that zombie-esque state and can barely make it out of bed and change into real clothes, the last thing I want to do is mess around with my brows but still, I do feel that filling them in in some shape or form can make a huge difference. Enter this budgeproof tinted brow gel. Within moments, I can have my brows tamed and looking decent and the colour actually is appropriately cool-toned.

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara ($9)

While admittedly this mascara has improved in my books drastically since drying out a bit and being exposed to air, it still is not one of my favourites overall but it has its charms when you’re pressed for time and want as much lash drama going on with the most minimal time and effort involved this one really has ticked all of the boxes. It can bee a wee bit clumpier than I would like but it looks great when you just shove a little on prior to heading out the door – it’s not one that works when you attempt to spend time building it.

MAC Kohl Power Pencil in Feline ($19)

I know I’m in the minority when I honestly say that eyeliner is something that I have to reach for even when my abilities to hold my hand steady to draw a smooth line might be compromised and this one is a good option in this case because it applies nice and creamily smooth with impressive pigment and smudges out nicely, quickly masking any imperfections in the application. This liner gives instant impact but isn’t too crazy but it might not be ideal for anyone with smudging issues.

NARS Contour Blush in Paloma ($46)

I’m a girl who likes cheekbone definition whenever there’s any sort of makeup application involved so a contouring powder or a bronzer is a given, but this duo of shades is the most practical and nears the realm of being fool-proof. The rosy tan is a gorgeous contour shade that easily builds up to the desired (but subtle) intensity and the creamy shade serves another purpose, helping to brighten up the dark circle situation while ensuring that the concealer won’t suddenly be all over the face.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-Ist ($23)

I’ll spare you from the usual yammering on about the power of a bold lip to instantly brighten the complexion and all that jazz but the principle applies, however, on days when you wake as exhausted as I do, you don’t want to have to think about what to wear and have to worry about the maintenance and this liquid lipstick ticks all of the boxes. It’s a somewhat bold rosy shade that isn’t quite so much of a statement as a red that also wears like a champ and doesn’t transfer after it sets and lasts like a champ throughout the day. Obviously, it’s not disgusting on chapped lips either. You know how it is for me…

Annabelle Colour Control Instant Perfecting Luminous Finish Base ($17)

There’s something about those trance-like Monday mornings that seem to be associated with dull lackluster skin that you don’t exactly have time to dominate in the traditional way, so enter a radiance-boosting primer that both adds the glow factor and helps keep things a little bit smoother on the face.

What are your Monday essentials?
Maggie, x.

Weekly Medley #30

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Monday August 11: Weekly Medley #29 | Tuesday August 12: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty | Friday August 15: My MAC Eyeshadow Palette | Saturday August 16: Five of the Best Beauty Bargains | Sunday August 17: The Six-Step Sunday

Before I get onto the tragically boring details of my life, I thought I would touch on the more blog-y things that are usually reserved for later in the posts… There were five posts this week and while their times weren’t exactly as regular on my arbitrary undecided schedule of things as they could be, I was very pleased with each one and didn’t have any of those ‘meh’ moments of post-related self-doubt. If you take a close look above at the collage/mosaic, you might notice that I included two of my weekly posts and as you can likely imagine, those two posts were the ones that I was the most proud of. Ever since beginning to blog, I’ve wanted to do a MAC Palette Post (and do it well), but it actually proved to require some decision making and dedication as I looked into it and on Friday, I was pleased to publish the post that included swatches and some abridged shade thoughts. I was also quite pleased with my spur-of-the-moment “The Six-Step Sunday” post and seeing as it got a good number of views, I’ve made the assumption that you guys did too. Correct me if I’m wrong, though! I’m sure it was not the most unique post by any means but I felt it rang true to me and my blog as a low-key guide to my Sunday philosophy. I hope this makes some sort of sense but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more than a little ambiguity present but I’ll stop rambling and move on.

Amelia’s “Minimal Makeup Holiday Staples” had to be the standout post that I’ve scoured over this week; as per usual, it was written in her entertaining and chatty style and she’s awfully close to selling me on her staples. I do quite enjoy reading posts that detail the staple products that one uses on a low-key day that doesn’t involve looking all glammed up and primping for a good hour and I might write one in the near future. Any thoughts?

It was a better week because I was certainly kept busier and there was preparatory organization going on for the upcoming school year and all that, with all PMS-related crappiness aside. The highlight of my week had to be Tuesday when I had breakfast with some of my closest friends and relaxed, watching some Netflix before heading into town to do some retail therapy. I don’t have much to document it, but it was truly a fabulous day. There were also a few products that stood out to me in the last week or so as favourites, both old and new. The only new item of my loved trio is the MAC Feline Kohl Power Pencil, a purchase that happened on Tuesday that a don’t regret in the slightest; the rich black shade applies creamily and glides on like a dream while still smudging nicely. However, if you have smudging issues with liner, it might not be one to try. I’ve dug the muted-coral MAC Sweet & Sour Lipstick and have been digging the hue, going for it most days because it has enough colour to work with minimal makeup present but doesn’t make too much of a statement either. And last but not least, I’ve rediscovered my love for warm peachy-champagne liquid highlighter, the Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl and have been loving the natural luminosity that it gives to the cheekbones.

How was your week?
Maggie, x.