Five Things: Disappointing Purchases


More often than not – at least when you’re beauty product addicted and purchase them frequently like I do- I find myself regretting a lot of the products I purchase in the end, feeling disappointed after I purchased them. These products aren’t generally overtly bad because I tend to do my research beforehand and report back if a product is an actual nightmare but these products that I just wish I hadn’t gone for remain untalked about. I plan on remedying that now, inspired by Tijan Serena‘s recent video that I enjoyed tremendously.

(1) Physician’s Formula Happy-Booster Blush in Rose ($15.99)


While neither the standard pinky hue or the sheer-but-buildable pigmentation of this blush are particularly spectacular, its real downfall is the lack of longevity the product has on me. In my experience, I don’t have to worry about blush or any other face product lasting on my skin for a good 7-8 hours without even beginning to fade but this rather expensive drugstore offering seems to disappear by the second hour. I know that many bloggers and youtubers whose opinions I trust enjoy this classic drugstore product despite its dodgy pheremone marketing; it simply does not work with my particular skin.

(2) MAC Powder Blush in Springsheen ($21/26)


The thing with this one is that there’s absolutely nothing to fault with the formula of this peachy coral blush with that ever-popular illuminizing gold sheen running throughout. I bought it back in tenth grade, I believe, as my first coral blush ever and I just don’t love it nearly as much as many of my other 637 coral blushes- I’m only kind of joking about how many I own.

(3) Annabelle Waterproof Lip Liner in Bordeaux ($6.95)

I really should have tried Annabelle before I did, aside from the fact that they are an actual Canadian cosmetics brand – they have simply impressed me with their products that I’ve tried particularly their standard lip liner in Demure. Given my love for their neutral lip liner offering and my more recent interest in lip liners, I figured that I would expand my collection into these vampier shades to wear with the lipsticks I’m enjoying. Now I realize that I should have been wary the moment that I realize that the liner was marketed as waterproof because of just how naturally dry my lips are and how disastrously these dry liners tend to stick to all patches in my lips in an unflattering way, but regardless, I screwed up with this one because it’s so unflattering and clingy that it cannot be covered up with lip products on the top. I don’t doubt that this lasts for hours and hours and it could very well work nicely for outlining the lips but I don’t like that kind of maintenance so I’m a filling in the lips kind of girl.

(4) Maybelline The Nudes Palette ($14.99)

I’ve had the 12-pan neutral palette from the drugstore for a good few months now and believe it or not, I’ve been thinking about writing a post on it for ages but my lukewarm thoughts and general indecisiveness have kept me from doing so thus far. The shades are by no means bad, but only a  few shades have that really good pigmentation and texture that I would compare to higher end brands and the colours are by no means unique so I don’t feel that this is adding to a lack in my neutral palette collection. I’m saying that the colours aren’t unique and I don’t think they are the most amazing drugstore shades but I do enjoy a few of the colours, particularly the matte greyish taupes and I have found a look or two that I enjoy with the palette. If this was under ten dollars, I would probably have no qualms about discussing it favourably but considering the price, I’m just not reaching for it adequately, for good reason.

(5) Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 070 Cherry Tart ($9)


I believe I actually said favourable things about this sheerer cherry lightweight lipstick in late 2013 but now that I’ve explored similar formulas of balmy lipsticks, I’ve realized that the cult-favourite formula is neither impressive on the pigmentation or the hydrating balmy front and this one is one of the sheerer offerings and I have to say that I find the shimmer annoying and irritating on my lips. I know that I’m one of the very few that do not adore the lip butters but I promise my thoughts are genuine here; I just have extremely finicky lips.

Do you have any product disappointments to contribute?
Maggie, x.



You know you have a slight excessive beauty-product buying problem when you are constantly scouring the shelves of Sephora, whatever local department store there may be in your area and the magical emporium known as the drugstore – if you’re in Canada, Shoppers is my pick – for the latest treasure and were likely induced to do so by stress (you know how it is) when really all you had to do to find such treasures would be to scavenge through the assortment located in your bedroom known as the stash.

I know it’s in vogue currently to talk about the black impeccably-lined-up-co-ordinated-and-quite-frankly-still-intimidating store otherwise known as MAC Cosmetics as an overrated location of beauty product purchase, but it was my first makeup love and to this day, I still adore a good number of products in their selection. I don’t care how outdated I sound but their eyeshadows are fantastic and generally speaking, the products give you great bang for your buck. Before I’ve written amounts that could make an extremely disorganized essay, I’ll attempt to move onto blabbering about the neglected products.

MAC Club Eyeshadow ($12/18 CDN)

I really can’t explain why I use Club so infrequently. It’s in my older Mac quad that I successfully took the divider out of to fit more in that I look through a time or two during the week and when I do so, I resolve to use Club – somehow it never seems to happen. It’s a nicely textured, pigmented, creamy and whatever warm brown with a green duochrome that whenever I pass through MAC with a friend, I attempt to convince them that they need in their life. It’s one of those versatile medium-dark shades that can be worn in the outer corner on the daily but can also create that (relatively) effortless smoky eye — if you’re a regular reader here, you should know that I adore the smoky eye and especially the effortless variety.

MAC Club eyeshadow in all of its glory
MAC Club eyeshadow in all of its glory

MAC Springsheen Powder Blush ($25 CDN)

MAC Springsheen
MAC Springsheen

I’m fairly certain this was one of my earlier blush purchases and that I made it in ninth grade. I remember wearing this constantly until Sephora opened near me and from the moment my eyes met the matte-black packaging of NARS Orgasm, I tossed this one onto the side. It’s another one of those coral shades with fine golden shimmer throughout but it’s more of a true warm-toned coral than the infamous NARS blush. The texture is at least as good as the blush in comparison and I do rather like it on. My theory is that it pulled too bright back when I thought I had pink-undertones and constantly looked flushed as a result of the tragedy; now that I match my foundation to my much more yellow-toned body, I don’t have this issue whatsoever. Lesson learned: learn how to match your foundation correctly to your body and everything else will fall into place.

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation ($11-14 CDN)

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation in 110 Porcelain Ivory
Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation in 110 Porcelain Ivory

Ah, this would be one of the all-too-frequent stress-induced purchases that somehow manage to happen after dry winter skin frustration and a long busy day,week, etc. at school. I bought this in the time when every foundation looked slightly terrifying on my skin with dry patches galore and as I have dry skin and this was toted as a great dewy moisturizing formula (by Rosanna, from youtube’s rpiercemakup) at a good pricepoint…. It happened. This was in the phase a month or two back when I kept piling on the foundation to cover the skin irritation and consequently it looked even worse and I cast it aside, forgetting all about it. As with all other Maybelline face products, the shade range is horrendous but the medium coverage formula is a nice one especially on drier complexions. Obvs. I would expect to hear more on this from me in the foreseeable future.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107($7-8 CDN)

Rimmel by Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107
Rimmel by Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107

It’s doubtful that writing the full title was really necessary and was tempted to merely write “that dark Rimmel lipstick”, as this is such a commonly praised product this year. I bought this in the fall and I liked the candy-scented longwearing but not drying matte lipstick but it wasn’t as vampy as I expected and I forgot about it. I think it’s more of a cool-toned berry red shade than it appears and somehow this made it’s way into the abyss of my cluttered lipstick drawer. I’m really going to try to wear this more and it bewilders me that I don’t use it more. It’s about as pink as I can go without looking ridiculous – if you’re new to this blog, I LOOK TERRIBLE IN PINKS and consequently have an abundance of red-toned shades. Yes, this lipstick, easily referred to as “that lipstick” that seems to be featured on every beauty blogged (and loved also) is worth it.

Rimmel 107, MAC Club, MAC Springsheen
Rimmel 107, MAC Club, MAC Springsheen
products in use: wearing the Maybelline foundation, MAC Springsheen on the cheeks with some highlighter and MAC Club in the outer corner and crease of the eye - taken with flash :)
products in use: wearing the Maybelline foundation, MAC Springsheen on the cheeks with some highlighter, MAC Club in the outer corner and crease of the eye and “that lipstick” applied onto the lips poorly and then blotted – taken with flash 🙂

Have you tried any of these products? And I’m even more curious to see if I’m the only one who completely neglects great products – if you’re like me, I’d love to know your discoveries from your stash! x