The Other Favourites

As I promised (a few days before now), I’m getting off my bum and getting started on the list of the less beauty oriented favourites that I was enjoying throughout June – and beyond. It is nearing the end of July after all…



Phillipa Gregory “The King’s Curse” ($19.99)

For my birthday on the first of June my mother got me the final novel in the historian’s Plantagenet series and I devoured it, enjoying every single page of it. This has to be my favourite book in the series, which is high praise because its one of my favourite series as of ever. I love how Phillipa Gregory bases her novels on historical events and sticks to the record, only veering when in the realm of creative liberties while creating fascinating and engrossing narratives from a variety of female perspectives. I find that her novels actually inform me of the period with their emphasis on historical context and I like how they create a framework of cause and effect during these different events that the English royalty experienced between The War of the Roses and the Tudor reign.

Nina Garcia “The One Hundred” ($19.99)

For years Project Runway has been one of my guilty pleasure shows so it’s only sensical that my love for Nina Garcia, the harsh but loveable no-nonsense judge, has grown into a particularly strong one. I’ve remained focused on editing my wardrobe and shopping smarter for a month or two now and I picked up this illustrated book, detailing 100 pieces that Nina deems essential to a woman’s wardrobe and why without being disappointed in the slightest. Toledo’s illustrations are a nice touch and I’ve actually found the writing impressive yet helpful.

American Eagle White Destroyed Denim Shorties ($55)

Having gone for so long without buying hardly anything in the clothing department and fluctuating in weight, I was due for a new pair or two of shorts and at the end of May I believe, I picked these mid-rise cutoff style ones up. They are borderline obscenely short but somehow they are short in a flattering way because they aren’t overly tight and do have a bit of a relaxed fit in the legs. I’ve been wearing my white pair many-a-time with just about anything and I do have to say that I enjoy how comfortable they are – along with the fun denim-printed pockets.

Talula Lipinski Sundress ($70 $50)

In expectation of wearing it to my cousin’s early July wedding, I picked up this flattering but slightly more expensive blue printed sundress from Aritzia and while I ended up wearing something else to said wedding, I’ve been loving wearing this easy floaty sundress. It has a comfortable skater kind of silhouette with a flattering nipped-in waist that I enjoy tremendously because mine is certainly not the slimmest in the world, and even moreso it has this lightweight breezy fabric that feels soft and actually holds up in the heat and humidity. Essentially, I’ve been happily grabbing for this short sundress because it is an easy instant outfit and it has the most slimming fit ever. If you’re interested, I would check it out while it’s on sale…

Bath & Body Works Bow Ties & Bourbon 3-Wick Candle ($22.50)

As if I could somehow go a month without including a scented candle in my general favourites post and neglect to mention one in one of these kinds of posts… Well, throughout June this candle addict happily burned this more sophisticated cologne-esque scent whenever I could stand it. It has definitely moved its way up into my absolute favourites — as I did purchase another — because of its more unique and refined vanilla, sandalwood and rich woodsy scent. It’s one of those candles that hits just the right spot for me, with a lingering but not overpowering scent and a candle that reads as seasonless.

Any more random favourites to share?
Maggie, x.




The Other Favourites


I’ve really been enjoying sharing a few of my miscellaneous favourite things in posts as of late but at the same time, I feel that including them in my usual already beyond lengthy post can seem a little excessive; therefore, I felt that a post of this nature was in order, for detailing a few of the other things that I’ve been all about lately.

Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Herbal Tea

I’ve mentioned a good few times lately that despite being the kind of girl who prefers coffee over tea, I’ve been really getting into the routine of drinking tea lately and loving the whole cozy autumnal atmosphere and mellow state of mind that it puts me in; this is the tea that I have been going for. It has that definite autumnal feel and doesn’t have an overly herbaly taste to it, instead being kind of a hybrid between apple cider and tea without all of the sugar in juice. It also just smells amazing and can be sniffed for enjoyment.

Indigo 2014-2015 Academic Planner

I’m not exactly the most naturally organized individual but I do actually take measures to change this aspect of my nature and using this agenda for the last month in particular has been massively helpful. I quite like how this agenda is laid out daily for the week but also has a week overview with a to-do list section, don’t forget list etc. and I’ve been able to keep track of the crucial more general things. I’ve been keeping track of what I want to get done each day and what I actually need to get done in terms of university work requirements and readings along with the blogging details and it has been helping massively with my productivity. This would only be perfect if there was also a monthly planning page…

Elle Canada Magazine (October 2014 issue)

I’m a massive fashion/beauty magazine junkie and this Canadian one has ticked all of the boxes this month while being extremely affordable to subscribe to. Generally speaking, it has the perfect balance of articles that are actually informative and relevant with all the fashion and beauty stuff that we live for. This month was particularly good and autumnal-themed but magazines this time of the year tend to be particularly good. Regardless, I poured over this issue and enjoyed it tremendously. It really helped me get into the whole cozy autumnal spirit that I adore.I’m sure whatever your country’s issue was equally as good – I am aware that many of you do not in fact live in the cold abyss that is Canada.

Fever Aesthetica, Jane’s youtube channel

This month, I’m pleased to note that I made a fantastic new youtube channel discovery and I’m kind of addicted. I actually did discover Jane’s channel while wasting my time watching an endless supply of beauty videos and clicked on an empties video of hers after running my subscription feed dry and seeing hers as a suggested video. Man, am I glad that I did. For how amazing her videos are, she sure doesn’t have a lot of subscribers and that did kind of draw me in. She’s absolutely gorgeous, informative and articulate while being an absolute treat to watch, entertainment-wise and I may or may not have binged watched every single video on her channel. With sensitive skin herself, I find her helpful on the skincare note with her knowledge and there is the simple fact that her hair is amazing.

Hello October, Suzie’s blog

So I may have declared my love for Suzie’s blog (as well as her youtube channel) a time or twenty but I’ve been obsessed with her content within the last month. I love that she’s amusing and relateable while still being so helpful to watch. I’m not going to lie, I adore reading her posts because we share similar easily-irritated skin concerns but she also puts out a whole bunch of more lifestyle related content that I’ve been enjoying. She’s also an absolute inspiration because she somehow manages to work full time and run the whole blogging shindig and despite not being much of a vlog-watcher myself, I rather enjoy hers. I may have been stalking her blog in an obsessive way this last month…

What have been your ‘other’ favourites lately?
Maggie, x.