My Sephora VIB Sale Purchases

After last November’s Sephora VIB Sale disaster where numerous accounts were disabled, any orders reaching places other than the US were disabled – the second of which I suffered from but it ended up fine in the end – for some days and orders took forever to ship, I was shocked to find that my order went from being placed to arriving in my mailbox in two business days this time – and I’m in Canada and nothing is all that fast shipping-wise. There wasn’t even a delay and this kind of shocked me to no end. Alas, I did not order a ton of things – and I’m only going to show you half because the other half are to be stowed away until my Birthday in a months time – but I think I’m beyond pleased with the four items that I have to share. And because the order shipped so fast, I actually have had time to try out the goodies numerous times so I will be able to share more thoughts.


  1. Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo in 01 Clair – Brunettes ($60): Given that I’m a fair girl who loves bronzers but doesn’t own that many, -especially on the higher end side of the spectrum – the sale seemed like a good opportunity to go for a more extravagant one and this was the one I went for. I did my research beforehand and was intrigued by the limited edition product’s ability to both add that perfected radiance (a la Ambient Lighting Powders or Chanel’s Les Beiges) while adding a subdued buildable bronze hint to the face and I would have to agree with my findings. It’s a bronzer that suits me at my palest but has that lovely texture that adds warmth and general glow with its smooth semi-matte texture. It’s gloriously buildable, too and I really enjoy how the compact includes both the bronzer shade along with a pop of colour on the side. I chose the lighter of the Brunette offerings because I knew it would have more warmth than the blonde one but wouldn’t be dark in the slightest and because I’m partial to the more orange-hued blushes. I do enjoy the musky scent but I would assume that it is definitely not for everyone. P.S. The swatches do not do the product justice – they appear more sheer and light than it applies.

    the bronzer portion | the two portions blended | the blush crescent
    the blush crescent | the two portions blended | the bronzer portion
  2. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown ($23): After mentioning wanting to make my first foray into the world of the famous brow-centric brand 3747 times and including this product in a good number of wishes, I bit the bullet. I really like the product and I think I’m glad that I went with the darker ashier shade but I do have to be really careful that I do not put too much product on the brush. However, I do love the effects when I don’t get to product-happy.
  3. DevaCurl Deva Clips ($18.95): Being someone with naturally curly (wavy-curly to be exact) hair that I wear that way most of the time, it makes life easier for me to embrace my curls and go for products that actually help them look to my liking on a daily basis. Given that my hair is so heavy and I have limp flat issues towards the front, hair clipping at the roots is something that I’ve tried to master on countless occasions in order to get some volume and more root curl – and I’ve had limited successes. Even though it seems ridiculous to spend close to twenty dollars on clips, I actually bit the bullet and went for the pricy DevaCurl brand version. While I’m still figuring things out with the clips, I have had much better successes with these than any others that I have tried.
  4. Calvin Klein One Summer Eau de Toilette Summer 2015 ($65): I’m fairly certain that this is the second full-sized non-rollerball perfume that I’ve acquired ever and it’s been about six years since my last one but I had a hankering to buy a perfume during the sale. I ordered this year’s version of the scent without smelling it because I liked the sound of the notes an awful lot and it wasn’t too expensive to get a large 3.4 ounce container. I liked that it was unisex because I tend to prefer fragrances that straddle the edge of being somewhat masculine-inspired rather than the typical sweet fruity offerings and I was pleased because it actually did smell of a gin and tonic – in a way that does not read borderline alcoholic – and smells of a relaxed summer moment by the water without any hint of dreadful coconut, instead with a hint of citrus in the freshest way possible. I’m not always a packaging girl but I do love the ombre blue packaging.
Did you pick anything up at the Sephora sale?
Maggie, x.


April Sephora Sale Recommendations

With Sephora’s sale going on (for just VIB Rouge’s thus far), I find myself rather regretful that I didn’t just make one more measly purchase at Sephora in December and own up to the fact that I have a serious beauty product buying problem and become a Rouge member. Instead, I’m here waiting for the later sale that I’ve heard Sephora is going to offer to both VIBs like myself and Beauty Insiders. Last November I wrote a post detailing some of my product recommendations so I thought I would do the same this time but I’ll focus on different items – keep in mind that everything from this post remains standing.

Recently Updated71

  1. NARS Audacious Lipsticks ($37): There are some products that are borderline atrociously expensive but do perform excellently and these are one of them. I absolutely adore both the colour (I have the rosy shade, Brigitte) and the hydrating and no-fuss semi-matte lipstick formula. Even though these lipsticks do all of these things and coincidentally stain your lips in the nicest way to boot, it can be difficult to justify the cost so I would recommend going for it carefully when you have the option for a discount.
  2. Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle ($33): Going off of the Raspberry/Opal offering that I own and adore, these souffle-cream blush hybrids are the easiest, glowiest and no-fuss option that I believe that I’ve ever tried. They blend seamlessly into the skin with the fingers and leave their buildable tint along with the gorgeous sheen that is marbled throughout. These aren’t exactly a cream blush but they are an excellent one if you want to get out of your powder comfort zone.
  3. Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Cuir Cannage ($63): Countless times, I’ve named these Dior quints as my favourite eyeshadows of all time and while I was disappointed that they discontinued their entire range in favour of new shades, I’ve fallen in love with this slightly smokey neutral offering. The creamy shadows have a nice variety of finishes, blend with ease, last ages and don’t fall down on your face. I also adore the shade composition: a matte caramel colour, a deep plum-toned black colour with an almost matte finish, a shimmery plum, a sheeny taupe and a nice shimmery champagne highlight colour. The formula is just as impressive, let me tell you!
  4. Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion ($16): In terms of skincare, I had to mention the product that turned me onto my love of chemical exfoliants and still it remains an excellent one – it’s effective with 0.5% BHA but is the gentlest and is impressively cost-effective. This one is definitely an unsung hero, especially considering that it’s hydrating, soothing and alcohol-free unlike their infamous paint-stripping offerings.
  5. Caudalie Vinosource Intense Moisture Rescue Cream ($40): I know that I said that I wasn’t going to do repeats in this post from last time but this lightweight and soothing moisturizer was too wonderful to resist including it twice. Although it has a light texture, it’s impressively hydrating and if you’re on more of the combination side of things I would go for the Sorbet variation.
  6. Bumble & Bumble Repair Blow Dry ($17/$37): First things first, there is absolutely no haircare product that can repair hair that is already damaged but it does work well to minimize the look and reduce damage over time by functioning as a heat protection. It does what it says, operating as a cream-serum used during the blow drying stage and more than that it leaves my wavy-curly hair so soft when used to blow dry it, offers control that allowed my hair to straighten nicely and stay that way and it was lightweight enough that I was able to get nice movement and life at the crown. I’ve only used this a few times, however, but it’s just that good.
  7. DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel ($26): There’s nothing that defines curls, controls frizz and makes textured hair look nearly as amazing as a good gel does – I would say that this one is among the very best and it’s not the priciest in the world. It has a nice amount of hold and provides great control to the hair whilst being lightweight and it never leaves the hair feeling sticky, heavy or weird.
Any recommendations to share?
P.S. I’m still alive – just struggling through the exam period.
Maggie, x.