New Year Stash Shopping


Unless you’re one of the blessed few that manage to get by and not compulsively by loads of products in each makeup category, I’m sure you can benefit from a look through your mass of makeup every few months to pull out some new products that you haven’t been using and bring them into the daily rotation. Early in the new year, it seems about time for another edition…


L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara ($14-15)

Some months back, I was in a mascara buying mood and I was interested in both the tubing mascaras – because of the supposed ease of removal with warm water – and a lash primer, so when I spotted this two-in-one formula, I gave it a go because it ticket all of the boxes. Unfortunately, I was not particular impressed with the slightly wet lengthening and defining formula, already having pretty nice long and curled lashes, nor did I find it particularly simple to remove. I pulled this mascara out today, looking for something different and after months have passed and the formula has dried out some, I have enjoyed the increased volume and drama that the formula provides along with the impressive lengthening and overall natural separated effect. The length of my lashes are kind of ridiculous with this on them, in the best way possible.


Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 010 Ivory ($7-8)

Late in 2013 and in the early days of 2014, I was enjoying this highlighting concealer for its thin texture, brightening effect and surprisingly opaque in coverage but after discovering more colour-correcting formulas for counteracting undereye darkness, I turned away from this one. However, lately I’ve been enjoying this rather pale toned concealer to underneath my eyes to brighten/cover things up along to any kind of discolouration and to highlight some areas slightly if I’m so inclined.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 100 Ivory ($9-13)

It may very well be a stretch to say that this affordable foundation was ever out of my rotation completely, which shouldn’t be surprising because I’ve raved about it countless times and for ages, I have considered it to be among my top few very favourite foundations – and if you’ve been around here for some time, I’m sure you’re well aware of how fanatical I get about foundations. Erm, getting to the point now. I hadn’t been reaching for this foundation often within the last three or four months but upon grabbing this foundation on an early morning in my zombie state, I’m back into this one. I love how good of a match the moderately fair yellow-tinged-beige-leaning foundation is on my fairer winter skin, how hydrating and comfortable it is even on these -20 degree snowy days and how it gives luminosity to my skin while still covering anything that needs to be covered. I honestly do not know how I haven’t gone through a bottle yet.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette ($67)

To be honest, I never keep this luxurious palette far away from my daily makeup stash, as it’s lovely and I paid more than one should on it, but in recent months when I’ve been in such a rush with my everyday makeup routine, I haven’t been taking the time to apply such subtle powders. I’ve been either not making the effort to highlight or even set my face, or I’ve gone with slightly less fine powders that get more impact with less effort. In recent days, though, I dug out this palette, wanting to find a subtle bronzer that would suit my fairer skin and I have fallen back in love. Note: the state of my Dim Light makes me want to cry.


NARS Orgasm Powder Blush ($35)

Despite not reaching for the cult-favourite pinky coral blush – with that illuminating golden shimmer running throughout – on a regular basis for over six months, I would still have to list this glowy blush as among my absolute favourites for its instant brightening effect. However, I have gotten up the courage to face (on record) that I’ve neglected such a beauty and I’ve already begun the process of remedying that fact. I feel like I might be one of the few that believe that this shade is worth the hype but if your colouring is anything like mine and you have similar blush preferences to me, I would highly recommend giving it a go, pronto.

I’m beginning to realize that this post was on the lengthy side with perhaps not the most interesting content, – but what else is new? Have you rediscovered anything in your stash lately?
Maggie, x.


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