The June Rotation

As uninteresting as it might sound, I’ve found that actually thinking about and eventually writing down the products that I want to focus on in a particular month, whether it is to focus on using up products, deciding how I feel about them or making sure that I’ve given them a fair trial before providing a full review, is rather helpful. I’ve been doing this for a few months but this month I decided that I would try posting about it.


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation | review

I love this foundation to death but I’ve come to curse its thick texture and general characteristic to last forever and ever. I swear I’ve worn it going on 200 times and I would like to finish it up to focus on the other load of foundation that I own. Plus, this and the next product are the only remaining items from my kind of failed Project 10 Pan…

MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder | review

Shortly after beginning the blog, I reviewed this powder and my opinions have not changed since; I do enjoy this un-powdery powder for its natural look, semi-matte finish and suitability over dry skin. I’m just nearing the end of the product so I’m making an effort to finish up the remainder.

MAC Blunt Powder Blush

Back in May, I found myself purchasing this darker neutral-toned brown shade for contouring purposes. I enjoyed how it had that nice and blendable matte formula and had none of that usual bronze tone or orange-hued lean so it would be a great option for contouring but didn’t have a muddy grey look either. I’ve really enjoyed using this with a light hand to contour and have found that it pulls less rosy than other contouring offerings that I have, but I’m continuing to work with it.

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

I’m obsessed with chemical exfoliants and for ages I’ve wanted to try one of these acidic masks that would not irritate my skin and I’m working on trying this one out. I was using this when I experienced a bout of irritation and dehydration, but I’m by no means convinced that this was the culprit – however, I want to continue trying out this hydrating and exfoliating AHA mask. I’m beyond thrilled that this natural product is inexpensive and formulated  without the usual irritants. The pumpkin, hyaluronic acid and honey intrigued me as well.

L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2

I fell in love with using the somewhat affordable L’Oreal palette last month, as I detailed in my May Favourites but I honestly haven’t given all of the shades a fair try; I’ve found some staple colours in the palette that I know and love and have stuck to the same kind of look over and over. Before informing you all on my final verdict of the palette, I need to try out all of the shades and test the versatility of the palette.

Sonia Kashuk Dewy Luxe Lip & Cheek Balm in 02 Charmed

Back when I went crazy buying lip products at Target Canada’s liquidation sale, I had promised a post that reviewed the collection of them but somehow that never happened. I’m trying to remedy my procrastination on the drugstore lip product front beginning with this dual purpose lip and cheek product that I purchased then. I definitely have to use this truly balmy product more but I do know that I like this truly balmy sheerer tint and that it does provide that dewy coral glow…

What are you making an effort to use as of late?
Maggie, x.


May Favourites

Having my twenty first birthday and two year blogging anniversary pass in the last few days, I was anticipating on writing a far more monumental and less mundane post but alas, I’m just sticking to my guns and keeping on schedule with sharing my favourites. There’s not much of a theme unless you count the emergence of summery weather influencing these choices…



Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo in 01 Clair – Brunettes ($60)

I’ve fallen in love with the subtle glow and warmth enhancing bronzer for it’s effortless and seamless skin-like perfecting finish. This limited edition product is quite light for a bronzer but has loads of warmth that reads natural on the skin and adds glow without having an ounce of sheen or shimmer. I also love the pop of peach to be used as a blush without reaching for an additional product.

L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2 ($29.99)

At the beginning of the month I bit the bullet and paid the rather hefty (for the drugstore) price for this rosy-plum hued neutral palette and lucky for me, the investment has been worthwhile – and I’ve been rather pleased with the quality of the shadows. Over half of the palette is matte and surprisingly that is where the shadows shine the most – they are blendable, pigmented and smooth in ways that more affordable shadows rarely are. I’ve particularly loved the dusty lilac matte shade, the rosy bronze deep shimmery shade, the pinky champagne shimmer shade and the warm chocolate matte shade.


Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown ($23)

After finally taking the plunge and actually purchasing the hyped gel-textured product back in April, I’ve discovered the trick to using this uber-pigmented brow product and I’ve been loving the effect since discovering said secret. I find that even though it can be more time consuming, using the tiniest amount of product and pressure and gradually building up the colour delivers a natural-looking brow that is filled in and stays in place.

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser ($16.95 – $29.95)

Early in May, I unfortunately found myself in the LUSH checkout with the smaller size of this beauty, the first authentic cleansing balm that I’ve ever tried. This thick balm emulsifies slightly but feels heavy so its not for everyone, or really anyone that is concerned with products feeling greasy – but I love how it removes makeup whilst leaving the skin soothed and hydrated and does not irritate my beyond sensitive eyes.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Daily Smoothing Treatment ($30) | review

This hydrating lotion based chemical exfoliant has been an enjoyable step in my daily skincare routine since March and I’ve loved it for months so I’ve included it in favourites posts before but now I’ve fallen in love with it so much that I have to include it again. My sensitive skin doesn’t even feel a tingle from the 8 percent of glycolic acid or the 0.5 salicylic acid and instead feels soothed after being applied. I adore this lightweight product because its multitasking, providing that gentle chemical exfoliation along with nourishing soothing action with its antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients.

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish ($18) | review

With the warmer weather that came in May, the need to actually shave my legs on a semi frequent basis followed and I reached for this soothing and hydrating scrub to smooth out the skin on my legs that are always suffering from some sort of eczema breakout, reduce the flaky appearance and prime my legs for the most comfortable shave. The warm scent and residue are absolutely delightful as is the fact that it actually seems to agree with my skin.

Calvin Klein One Summer Eau de Toilette ($65)

I’ve been happily spritzing on my new perfume daily since gifting it to myself for completing yet another exam period. This scent is marketed as unisex and I definitely agree with that, as it does not read as overly masculine but it doesn’t have any overly perfume-y or sweet feminine notes either. Being someone who shies away from overly girlie scents, I adore this gin and tonic based scent. This year’s variation smells like the beverage in a fresh and not reeking-of-booze kind of way and has a nice citrus hint to it along with a bit of muskiness. I love how fresh it smells, along with its hint of zestiness.

What were your May favourites?
Maggie, x.

Weekly Medley #62/63

So, I’ve been kind of dreading writing this post because quite frankly there has been nothing going on other than beginning to enjoy some nice sunshine and generally warm weather, along with the stress about  attempting to get a job over the summer and that whole application process – but here goes:

Recently Updated76

1. Two products I have been enjoying… I’ve rediscovered my love for a highlighter and have fallen for a new frankly rather pricy drugstore eyeshadow palette. Unfortunately, the highlighter is limited edition and by no means available but regardless I’ve been loving the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Semi-Precious Pearl, mainly for the pale champagne sheeny shade. I’ve been feeling going for a full on highlighter and so I’ve been whacking on a generous heaping of this one. I finally spotted the raved-about L’Oreal La Palette Nude offerings (I have the second) and I’ve fallen in love with it, even though I did pay the retail price of $29.99 CDN for it. Thankfully, the rosy-plum hued palette has a  variety of matte shades that are to die for and a nice variety of sheeny shades too, featuring a nice champagne.

2. Netflix binge watching… For three or four years, I had been watching and enjoying Grey’s Anatomy on and off but now that ten seasons have appeared on Netflix I’ve fallen in love with the show, starting from the beginning, watching the good portion of a season per day and enjoying every minute of it.

3. Yet another dash into MAC… When I was strolling around MAC, as one does, I managed to resist buying anything on a couple of occasions until I finally cracked and picked up another blush to use as a contour, the MAC Matte Powder Blush in Blunt. It’s a much darker contour colour than I typically go for but I like that it has no rosy undertone and is a neutral brown shade that neither reads as too warm or too ashy, adding that depth in a natural way with minimal product.

4. Because I needed more candles?… Bath & Body Works had their best promotion on Mother’s Day weekend so I couldn’t resist picking up two of their candles at the nice 2/25.50 or 3/32.50 deal. I promise I didn’t actually do as much shopping as this post is making appear – sidenote. I’m not even letting myself burn either the Bow Ties & Bourbon or Island Margarita candles until I burn up what I already have.

5. A regular posting schedule… I’m finally beginning to admit that I’m the kind of person who is never really satisfied with their work so while I definitely think my blogging schedule could be better, I’m rather pleased with my consistent posting schedule over the last two weeks while keeping up with the quality (in my opinion) of posts that I put up. One of my favourites was Friday’s Navigating MAC Collections because it was a bit different and therefore a bit of a risk but it turned out nicely and actually could be informative. It was also therapeutic to write and helpful to stop myself from wanting to go out and buy everything shiny and sparkly from their latest release.

Any musings to share?
Maggie, x.