The June Rotation

As uninteresting as it might sound, I’ve found that actually thinking about and eventually writing down the products that I want to focus on in a particular month, whether it is to focus on using up products, deciding how I feel about them or making sure that I’ve given them a fair trial before providing a full review, is rather helpful. I’ve been doing this for a few months but this month I decided that I would try posting about it.


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation | review

I love this foundation to death but I’ve come to curse its thick texture and general characteristic to last forever and ever. I swear I’ve worn it going on 200 times and I would like to finish it up to focus on the other load of foundation that I own. Plus, this and the next product are the only remaining items from my kind of failed Project 10 Pan…

MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder | review

Shortly after beginning the blog, I reviewed this powder and my opinions have not changed since; I do enjoy this un-powdery powder for its natural look, semi-matte finish and suitability over dry skin. I’m just nearing the end of the product so I’m making an effort to finish up the remainder.

MAC Blunt Powder Blush

Back in May, I found myself purchasing this darker neutral-toned brown shade for contouring purposes. I enjoyed how it had that nice and blendable matte formula and had none of that usual bronze tone or orange-hued lean so it would be a great option for contouring but didn’t have a muddy grey look either. I’ve really enjoyed using this with a light hand to contour and have found that it pulls less rosy than other contouring offerings that I have, but I’m continuing to work with it.

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

I’m obsessed with chemical exfoliants and for ages I’ve wanted to try one of these acidic masks that would not irritate my skin and I’m working on trying this one out. I was using this when I experienced a bout of irritation and dehydration, but I’m by no means convinced that this was the culprit – however, I want to continue trying out this hydrating and exfoliating AHA mask. I’m beyond thrilled that this natural product is inexpensive and formulated  without the usual irritants. The pumpkin, hyaluronic acid and honey intrigued me as well.

L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2

I fell in love with using the somewhat affordable L’Oreal palette last month, as I detailed in my May Favourites but I honestly haven’t given all of the shades a fair try; I’ve found some staple colours in the palette that I know and love and have stuck to the same kind of look over and over. Before informing you all on my final verdict of the palette, I need to try out all of the shades and test the versatility of the palette.

Sonia Kashuk Dewy Luxe Lip & Cheek Balm in 02 Charmed

Back when I went crazy buying lip products at Target Canada’s liquidation sale, I had promised a post that reviewed the collection of them but somehow that never happened. I’m trying to remedy my procrastination on the drugstore lip product front beginning with this dual purpose lip and cheek product that I purchased then. I definitely have to use this truly balmy product more but I do know that I like this truly balmy sheerer tint and that it does provide that dewy coral glow…

What are you making an effort to use as of late?
Maggie, x.


New Year Stash Shopping


Unless you’re one of the blessed few that manage to get by and not compulsively by loads of products in each makeup category, I’m sure you can benefit from a look through your mass of makeup every few months to pull out some new products that you haven’t been using and bring them into the daily rotation. Early in the new year, it seems about time for another edition…


L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara ($14-15)

Some months back, I was in a mascara buying mood and I was interested in both the tubing mascaras – because of the supposed ease of removal with warm water – and a lash primer, so when I spotted this two-in-one formula, I gave it a go because it ticket all of the boxes. Unfortunately, I was not particular impressed with the slightly wet lengthening and defining formula, already having pretty nice long and curled lashes, nor did I find it particularly simple to remove. I pulled this mascara out today, looking for something different and after months have passed and the formula has dried out some, I have enjoyed the increased volume and drama that the formula provides along with the impressive lengthening and overall natural separated effect. The length of my lashes are kind of ridiculous with this on them, in the best way possible.


Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 010 Ivory ($7-8)

Late in 2013 and in the early days of 2014, I was enjoying this highlighting concealer for its thin texture, brightening effect and surprisingly opaque in coverage but after discovering more colour-correcting formulas for counteracting undereye darkness, I turned away from this one. However, lately I’ve been enjoying this rather pale toned concealer to underneath my eyes to brighten/cover things up along to any kind of discolouration and to highlight some areas slightly if I’m so inclined.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 100 Ivory ($9-13)

It may very well be a stretch to say that this affordable foundation was ever out of my rotation completely, which shouldn’t be surprising because I’ve raved about it countless times and for ages, I have considered it to be among my top few very favourite foundations – and if you’ve been around here for some time, I’m sure you’re well aware of how fanatical I get about foundations. Erm, getting to the point now. I hadn’t been reaching for this foundation often within the last three or four months but upon grabbing this foundation on an early morning in my zombie state, I’m back into this one. I love how good of a match the moderately fair yellow-tinged-beige-leaning foundation is on my fairer winter skin, how hydrating and comfortable it is even on these -20 degree snowy days and how it gives luminosity to my skin while still covering anything that needs to be covered. I honestly do not know how I haven’t gone through a bottle yet.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette ($67)

To be honest, I never keep this luxurious palette far away from my daily makeup stash, as it’s lovely and I paid more than one should on it, but in recent months when I’ve been in such a rush with my everyday makeup routine, I haven’t been taking the time to apply such subtle powders. I’ve been either not making the effort to highlight or even set my face, or I’ve gone with slightly less fine powders that get more impact with less effort. In recent days, though, I dug out this palette, wanting to find a subtle bronzer that would suit my fairer skin and I have fallen back in love. Note: the state of my Dim Light makes me want to cry.


NARS Orgasm Powder Blush ($35)

Despite not reaching for the cult-favourite pinky coral blush – with that illuminating golden shimmer running throughout – on a regular basis for over six months, I would still have to list this glowy blush as among my absolute favourites for its instant brightening effect. However, I have gotten up the courage to face (on record) that I’ve neglected such a beauty and I’ve already begun the process of remedying that fact. I feel like I might be one of the few that believe that this shade is worth the hype but if your colouring is anything like mine and you have similar blush preferences to me, I would highly recommend giving it a go, pronto.

I’m beginning to realize that this post was on the lengthy side with perhaps not the most interesting content, – but what else is new? Have you rediscovered anything in your stash lately?
Maggie, x.


Rediscovered Loves

DSC_1002 I would say that I’ve put myself on a no-buy but I’m self-aware enough to know that the moment I would make such a statement, the commitment would be destined to become broken as I’m sure I will find something that I can’t endure being without, so instead I’m committing to a low-buy instead. In thinking and doing this wholeheartedly I’ve also pulled some products out that I already own and have loved in the past to stop myself from yearning after the next shiny object and here’s the lowdown…

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation (Ivory): This had to be the standout product find of 2013 and I don’t take such declarations lightly but during the spring I fell out of love with it as I found that it was not the most flattering foundation on my inflamed raised blemishes (on account of the subtle shimmer in the formula). However, unless things are looking particularly catastrophic in that department, this one has proven itself to me again as ideal. My skin agrees with the formulation itself and it’s one that consistently looks good without requiring loads of work, being flattering over dry matches and even more-so on over areas of dehydration while looking like skin and leaving a finish that sits somewhere in between satiny and truly glowy.

Benefit Boxed Powder in Rockateur: Being as much of a blush hoarder as I am, the fact that I had been neglecting this one isn’t entirely shocking in itself, considering that the sheeny rusty-rosy shade tends to be categorized as a typical fall/winter shade. However considering that I detest complete adherence to those sort of rules and that I consider this shade to be in my top three of all time, I should have known better than to neglect it. As I’ve dug it out again, I can barely put it down as it adds that subtle but brightening flush to the cheeks that differs from the usual summery corals without going into that wintry berry territory; it’s seasonless and absolutely stunning.

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner (Blackest Black): I’ve liked this gel liner for ages but have always gone for the fuss-free L’Oreal Lineur Intense over this one when I’m looking for something inky and precise for its ease and time-efficiency but now that I made the effort to actually clean the brush I use with this one and have dug it out again, I’ve been loving the precision and versatility that it offers. My only issue is that it’s difficult to form precise wings with the brush in comparison to felt-tip liners and that it requires a few more minutes as opposed to the 30 seconds each eye requires when I go for the liquid option.

Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser: I raved about this one loads last year but after I finished it up, I decided to try their newer similar Ultra Gentle offering and I’m still not through that one; however, there was a sale on so I couldn’t resist picking this one up at an affordable price and I’ve been naughty and have begun to use it without finishing up the other one first. It’s an absolute failure in terms of removing makeup but the nourishing creamy cleanser is the gentlest thing on the skin and actually somehow leaves it more hydrated than before without the addition of any harsh ingredients (i.e. fragrance). Plus, it leaves the skin soothed afterwards but doesn’t require a cloth or any sort of process of removal. This is my perfect morning cleanser, I must say!

Have you made any recent beauty rediscoveries? Happy Sunday — the apocalypse has not come upon us, I’m trying out my Weekly Medley post on Monday for an experiment.
Maggie, x.


Base Bonanza: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation


I have managed to talk about this foundation very frequently here without giving an actual review. Whoops. This was the first Drugstore foundation that I tried and was wowed by the great quality of – it’s better than many higher end ones I’ve tried. In short, in my view Rimmel Wake Me Up is a fantastic foundation, well for me at least.





Well I couldn’t find this foundation on Rimmel’s Canadian site oddly enough so I had to make due with the UK one even though the UK formulation is slightly different, as in it contains SPF whereas the one I have does not. Basically it claims to be light and moisturizing on the skin, gives an instant flawless natural-looking finish and has a visible anti-fatigue effect with peptides and a “moisturizing vitamin complex”. To me this sounds like it was made to be in the vein of Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect with the radiance claims and vitamin ridiculousness – Bourjois is known for its claims to do with vitamins and antioxidant which I am quite skepical of. Nevertheless, I find that these foundations differ. Wake Me Up isn’t quite as dewy in my opinion but has the radiance nevertheless with increased longevity and coverage. On the UK website Rimmel describes the product as “Rimmel’s first liquid foundation that instantly reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant glow” and the “light, moisturising texture applies smoothly and leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable all day” and “gives an instant flawless, natural-looking finish” with its “visible anti-fatigue effect with peptides and a Vitamin Moisturising complex”. Like with every other foundation on the market, it does not make the skin look instantly flawless and I’m skeptical of the ingredients doing anything magic, but I believe it achieves on the rest of its claims.

It’s a thicker yet somewhat weightless tacky (until it sets) liquid consistently. It’s even more viscous than MUFE HD. It provides medium coverage that is somewhat buildable on the skin. As promised, the formulation is light and hydrating and the ingredients are the ideal ones for my skins particular needs. It’s free of irritating alcohols, although it does include some fragrance and contains a high concentration of silicones, which I know break some people out but on my dehydrated skin, they help the foundation to sit more nicely over the skin. The good amount of glycerin in the foundation explains its hydrating properties. I really can’t see the shimmer in the foundation unless I squint really hard at the bottle under harsh lighting and I definitely cannot see the shimmer on my face in any sort of lighting. In other countries, the foundation seems to contain spf but in Canada it does not appear to – this is a godsend to me because my skin tends to be reactive to formulations including chemical SPF.
As a whole, the colour range of Rimmel’s offering leaves much to be desired even compared to other ranges at the drugstore but the lightest shade of the six, ivory, a moderately fair shade with yellow undertones suits my skin perfectly which is a rarity for me. The shades really only cater to those with moderately fair skin to those with medium skin tones.
Keep in mind here that I do have perpetually dehydrated skin, but I do not think that this foundation can be described as truly dewy, as say Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect but it does provide a bit of radiance and glow to the skin. It’s slightly glowier than a satin finish and the shimmer particles that I can’t detect seem to highlight the naturally high points of my face and powdered (although I rarely wear it this way) it looks like a natural finish. However, I know the finish of a foundation varies across different skin types and it generally applies glowier on an oilier skin. I would describe it as luminous-looking on the skin.
Because this foundation is not truly super-dewy and has surprising lasting power on the skin – I find that on it’s own it lasts 12+ hours everywhere except on inflamed blemishes -, it’s suitable for a variety of skin types. Those with  slightly dry skin, normal skin and combination skin would suit this foundation the best if they are looking for some natural-looking luminosity with longevity and coverage. It does not cling to dry patches but does not effortlessly and invisibly glide over major ones either.
I’m tempted to say this is my favourite foundation. For my dry skin, it’s a failsafe option regardless of the state of my skin is, for instance whether I’m suffering through blemishes and abundant dry patches or if it’s acting its slightly dehydrated self. I don’t think a single week has gone by where I haven’t worn this foundation when I got it in the spring and there are months when I pretty much wore this exclusively.
The packaging is quite nice-looking especially for the price point, albeit quite large and impractical for travel. It comes in an asymetrical glass bottle with a large orange cap and has a matching orange pump. I’m happy to say this affordable foundation actually has a pump!
worn with full-faced makeup
worn with full-faced makeup
both taken with flash: right after application on the left and twelve hours after on the right
both taken with flash: right after application on the left and twelve hours after on the right
The Claims: 9/10
Formulation: 9.5/10
Longevity: 9.5/10
Packaging: 9.5/10
Overall Quality: 9.5/10
Total: 46.5/50 or 93%, A+



If you’ve tried this foundation, tell me your thoughts below! I’m also always open to recommendations 🙂