Weekly Medley #15

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(1) The pre-movies face (2) The loved product of the week (3) My face again, obviously (4) evidence that I am no longer ghastly pale – woo (5) the show that I’ve Netflix-marathoned this week (6) the blog that rekindled my fixation on style

This week was an uneventful one, I’m afraid, but it would be difficult for me to be happier about it. Although I can say that I actually went out and socialized in public this week, wrote up a few posts and made some major organizational headway, this was not a particularly eventful or productive week but for once that does not ensure impending doom. And, let me just express my incredulity over the fact that it is now May.

After not buying clothes in ages as regardless of my share of wholehearted efforts to look stylish or pulled together through attire/outfits because I always failed in the face or comfort or whatever, becoming more indifferent about this whole style-oriented thing, my interest has been rekindled this week. That’s not exactly true — there’s been a gradual change but I might have just become more conscious of it all of a sudden. I suppose I admired the style and whole pulled-togetherness that some bloggers and vloggers that I adore exude and then bam, I found myself scouring through Sophie’s blog and found myself inspired by her minimal style posts and addicted and possibly found myself addicted to her other posts as well – I’m sure you know how it is. The picture above in the bottom-right is taken from one of these posts titled, “The Basic Wardrobe” and it’s definitely one to commit to memory if you ask me. In light of this, you might expect the occasional style post or mention in these posts but don’t worry, I haven’t lost any of my focus on all things beauty in the slightest.

Despite being someone who embraces their paleness and doesn’t obsessively yearn to be completely bronzed all of the time, there’s a product of the self-tanning variety that has earned it’s rightful place of mention as the weekly beauty highlight. Being generally incompetent in general and oblivious to the world of fake-tanning, I went for a less intimidating product- a standard gradual tanner- namely the  Jergen’s Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer in Medium to Tan and I’m glad I did. It’s not a dramatic product but this is definitely a perk for me as after a few days of repeated use there is quite a difference and it looks natural. I accidentally picked up the darker shade but I’m glad I did, as it gives me that natural-looking beige-yellow kind of tan that matches my natural undertones. But for me what stands out about the product is that my extremely-sensitive eczema-prone body skin can tolerate this product with no irritation involved – rather it is actually moisturizing – and it goes on fairly evenly even over my rough skin that cannot tolerate any sort of scrubbing action. There may be a few hints of unevenness in colour along my wrists/hands and a select few severe dry patches on my skin but apparently it looks as if I actually got it from the sun — my friends actually thought the shade was authentic. This is no miracle worker but it has found a home in my everyday routine and doesn’t require much fuss.

How was your week?

Maggie, x.

Weekly Medley #14

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(1) the book o’ blogging and my knee out in the sun on Saturday (2) me out in the sun on Saturday (3) photo evidence of my Spring Makeup Update post (4) the MAC lipstick in action (5) the obligatory pre-leaving selfie (6) MAC Sweet & Sour, the lipstick love (7) the skincare and book loves

This week wasn’t so fun until Thursday, I’ll assure you, but that’s to be expected with the whole exam situation from hell. Since finishing I’ve felt so odd — like there must be another essay to write and exam to torture myself over — but not so odd in the sense that would lead one to become an actual responsible human being and get right into that cleaning and organizing thing that goes along with that whole notion of normalcy where you earn money by acquiring an actual job. I was not that desperate to lose the strangeness of it all.

The weather has been nice, sunny and in the temperate twenties this week with a few cool and muggy days in between, however that’s to be expected when you live on the east coast. Yesterday, I casually wore short shorts if that is any indication. And I’ve spent hours lounging outdoors, relaxing and writing in the book o’ blogging and this has to be among the best things ever — up there with delicious lattes when you’re dead on your feet and stressed out of your mind.

Because my family is not big on the sweets and we all have a tendency towards abundant food sensitivities, we tend to both give and receive more substantial gifts for Easter and one of the substantial gifts this year was the book written by Helen Oyeyemi titled, Boy, Snow, Bird and let me assure you that it was fantastic. And I’m very picky about granting praise to reading materials. I know this should have technically fallen under the umbrella of last week’s post but I didn’t actually finish this until the beginning of this week and it was all kinds of crazy, so forgive me. I’m sure my mother’s intention in giving me this present was to enjoy reading a book for actual fun after my exams were finished but somehow in my groggy zombie-like state, I decided to finish it all on Monday night when I should have been writing the essay from hell. But the book was fantastic in itself, not just as procrastination material, I might add. It’s one of those rare five-star books and its written from three interwoven perspectives, intensely psychological and thrilling while also dealing with important issues (race, appearance, etc.) in an interesting and non-cliched manner.

Beauty-wise, my fixation was directed towards the skincare front. This is probably related to the horrendous stress-induced breakout along my chin and jaw that appeared in all of its painful-underneath-the-skin blemish glory. Thankfully, I had the sense to not try to murder it, drying it out and all that jazz, but rather took the more effective soothing route of going heavy on the BHA exfoliants of the Neutrogena and Clinique gentle variety and adding in more healing rosehip oil than usual. I’m pleased to say that there’s but one active blemish left on my face as of now and my severely easily irritated skin has not exhibited any signs of seeking vengeance yet.

On Wednesday as a treat upon finishing exams and all, I picked up a few things of the beauty variety and fell in love with one or two of them and one of which was the MAC Sweet & Sour Lipstick that was recently made permanent. I’ve been wearing the muted corally-orange shade nonstop. It’s a cremesheen so it doesn’t do my dry lips any favours but the shade makes it worthwhile so I can’t really bring myself to care.

Finally to sit down and breathe, I was able to do that thing where you go out and celebrate –the reason for celebration was my long-time friends birthday and it was nice to go out for a change. It was also surprisingly pleasant to write up a few posts that I’ve been wanting to put up for ages, such as the Spring Makeup Update post…

How was your week?

Maggie, x.

Weekly Medley #13

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(1) makes more sense with second image – pleased with overall skin despite the hidden few cystic bumps that just emerged as a result of exams… (2) I’ve been really into skincare lately so naturally I was obsessed with the ‘Top 10 Skincare’ video that my favourites, Amelia Liana and Hello October’s Suzie did together (3) the Easter face (4) the corresponding product picture (5) it was warm enough to wear a sundress – erase the boob situation complications pleasee (6) the product discovery (7) the evidence of the greatness of this month’s Elle Canada (8) that drugstore essentials post that somehow happened

So this week went as expected. Monday was just as insane as I had expected, filled with the chaos of having two term papers due and delivering them online and in person, rushing around to the library to return and take out the mandatory books, hurrying to attend the study session for Psychology, cramming for the nights exam without success and writing my first exam. Much of the week was the same but slightly slowed down perhaps; with something major almost every day with no sort of real break in between. The exception was Thursday, a day of studying that should have left me confident for the night’s exam but the whole knowing that I had to write essays with actual evidence and the like, left me a nauseous nervous wreck — I even went in to the exam with my sweater on inside out but I couldn’t find it in my to care about it. Well, I’m pleased to report that now on Monday I’m nearing the ends of thing — things being this exam period from hell –, with four exams down and two final papers submitted, only today’s essay exam (yikes) and Wednesday’s paper left to go. I think I’ll survive today but the whole paper situation is questionable. I’m sure I’ll keep you updated on the essay front, explicitly or implicitly here.

Reading blog posts and watching videos of the same nature serve as that much-needed enticing escape from the whole endless stress shebang and one that stood out for me was Suzie from Hello October’s collaboration video with Amelia Liana of Liana-Beauty titled “Top Ten Skincare Favourites“. The two are among my absolute favourites to read and watch, entertaining while bringing helpful information and recommendation and genuine. And I’ve been especially into skincare lately and these two tend to be helpful for advice in the skincare realm because of our shared sensitivity traits. I’ve added their picks to the blogging notebook archives… And the selfie above is deceptive as you can’t see the two or three cystic spots on my cheeks that I only ever get during exam week (thankfully) that look quite angry, but otherwise the overall skin quality on the face has been rather good for me so I included the bare-face picture. I can’t really say more than that.

Now it’s time for me to shamelessly self-promote one of my blog posts of the week – and the blogpost in question is my “Drugstore (Makeup) Essentials #2“, which I must admit is rather lengthy but it’s actually quite concise, packed with information about some of my favourite makeup selection on a budget into one small relatively non-rambly post.

Although I’ve had this since I spotted it for a few dollars off on promotion at Shoppers Drugmart in the beginning portion of last month, I haven’t been able to be certain of my love for my newfound conditioner-mask-thing that costs well under $30 until recently. Said love is directed towards the OGX Sea Mineral Moisture Moisture Surge Deep Treatment. While being priced around the affordable ten dollars, the “deep treatment” – I would be more tempted to describe it as a rich regular conditioner but I do tend to go for deep treatments in the place of conditioners of the regular variety – actually nourishes the hair without requiring a ton of product and therefore giving hair this slippery feel and leaves it with nice texture and body with none of that tangly grittiness that tends to be associated with texture-boosting shampoos. And it smells absolutely delicious, suspiciously like Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and nothing like that coconut-y beach smell that just doesn’t measure up. I feel compelled to state that it includes dimethicone high in the ingredients list, but isn’t all that silicone-y and despite the name it isn’t completely organic by any means but regardless, it’s my weekly product highlight.

I’m afraid that I must return to the books, despite the allure of trying to delude myself into thinking otherwise.

How was your week last week?

Maggie, x.






Weekly Medley #12


(1) Loving this overly-hyped blush from Hourglass (2) Sometimes I also have feelings for hair products, particularly when they work for my not super-curly but more-than-wavy-hair (3) Results of the hair-experiment featuring the DevaCurl Set It Up And Above (4) Coffee and I are in a committed relationship (5) Sometimes the weather acts like its springy self and I can wear flats without my feet turning blue (6) My day today… not unlike rest of the week (7) Hourglass Ethereal Glow in action… again, during said hair experiment

If you’ve glanced at just about any of my posts in the last week or two, I’m sure you’re well aware that that entity that we pretend is never going to exist called the exam period has begun. Monday was the last day of classes and it was a gorgeous day at that, then there were two spectacularly unproductive days “off” and thus the exam period officially begun and I survived my first exam. Well, I couldn’t write by hand until the next day but that’s kind of typical for these “short” essay exams…. So pretty much, I have one exam down and four to go but the more pressing matters seem to be this final research paper situation I have going on throughout the exam period. So, on Monday I have two research papers due and an exam later that night that I haven’t even thought about studying for yet. And two exams on Thursday that I’m only beginning to admit are actually happening. You may be wondering to yourself why I’m sitting here (on my bed if you’re curious) and writing this post when my time would clearly be best spent elsewhere, but blogging is good for the sanity of the soul and I’ve had a fortunately productive thirty-six hours – props to you, coffee.

I technically could have included one of my current obsessions, the luxurious-err-expensive Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow ($41 CDN) in last week’s post as I picked it up last Thursday, motivated by the promise of free samples and all that jazz at Sephora but I had done a burst of drugstore shopping earlier in the week that I had thoughts on to mention here and I wanted to be sure I wasn’t just loving that shopping high that turns into buyer’s remorse and suddenly can turn into feelings of self-hatred. Being an English student, I should be horrified by my use of clauses in that last sentence but if I have to edit another sentence for clarity and whatnot, I may hurl my psychology textbook out through my window. But it’s a cool-toned blush that is actually really flattering on me, brightening the face without any sort of shimmer.

I’m sure many of you — and certainly if you have that wave/curl thing in your hair — have heard about that whole Curly-Girl shebang and although  I haven’t talked about it much on the blog here, – but have deliberated on it an exhausting number of times in the head – I am somewhat of a follower of the whole routine. If you’re interested in some actual description and mountains full of info on it, head on over to naturallycurly.com, as I frequently do. I have that kind of hair that is wavier than wavy hair but not quite curly in that ringlet sense with much tighter curls in the bottom half of my hair and the ends in general that refuse to do anything other than i’s naturally tangly mess limp-but-crazy thing. I have that kind of hair that is sort of fine in texture and therefore can hang kind of limply in sections but has an insane quantity of hair that cumulatively has its own mind and in the cooler seasons I tend to suffer from blahh hair, despite following sort-of following the method – I avoid sulfates and that has been amazing but I just limit my silicone use to the kind that are either water-soluble or don’t build up in the hair for the most part.  If you have hair like mine, I’m sure you’re aware of how finicky it can be with products but also that products are necessary. Yesterday morning, the inspiration struck me to actually address that birds nest on my head and wash it – my hair doesn’t need to be washed too frequently – and I did the whole shebang, scrunching my wet hair with some good old standard holding product (mousse but uninteresting) but then deciding to go for the DevaCurl Set It Up And Above ($27 CDN) paste that I’d had for a while and liked but wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about, twisting my hair into ringlets – I remember that technique being helpful before – with a good deal of the product and then pinning up the top sections of my hair to relieve the weight of the sections with bobby-pins, although duckbill clips would have been ideal. It wasn’t miraculous or anything but it resulted in the best hair I’ve had for ages and I’d but it down to the strange paste product and the whole routine. If you were curious, the chopped off portion in the picture above would show you how cute the upper portions of my hair looked while drying. My hair had actual life and texture to it even higher up in it. It was awesome. I hope this paragraph resembles some form of English but I can’t be too sure. Not sorry. Just annoyed at my typical self.

This week was that weird mix of wholly-unproductive days with days that reeked of productivity and somehow this resulted in six blog posts happening: last weeks post of this variety was late because I felt like I was dying last Sunday but I think that’s excusable and I did manage to type out five others…. (1) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush review, (2) an ode to my fave limited-edition Color Tattoo, (3) the Liebster Award post (4) a review for the L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess and (5) my beauty-based guide for surviving this time of year.

How was your week?

Maggie, x.

P.S. Sorry for the longest ramble ever on hair without information actually being given……..


Weekly Medley #11


1. The nail polish beauty – Nails Inc Baker Street 2. The obligatory selfie 3. The new cleansing oil love 4. Last week’s March Favourites post 5. Organizational inspiration, courtesy of Tamira. 6. The drugstore eyeshadow discovery, courtesy of L’Oreal
 This week — now last week thanks to my weekend of no productivity — was one of those calm before the storm kind of weeks, with classes wrapping up with only exams and final papers to follow. But I know I’m letting myself be lulled into this false blanket of security, as there aren’t any deadlines looming over me at the moment but I have to admit that the next few weeks will be all sorts of exhausting. I’m fortunate for this slowing pace, though, because I am suffering through quite a cold at the moment but it seems to be on the way out now. Being someone who rarely gets sick enough to interfere with my everyday life, I didn’t realize what the sudden fatigue was about but as soon as the runny nose, sore throat and cough came, it sort of dawned on me. I know I am not someone who is pleasant in any way to deal with when they aren’t feeling so great, so some time to breathe and sleep was kind of a necessity.

I’m hesitant to declare my love for any sort of product, but this is especially true for those of the skincare variety, shortly after picking it up as I feel my thoughts could take a nosedive once the novelty subsides but I feel confident about speaking of my newfound devotion to the Garnier Clean + Nourishing Cleansing Oil. At the beginning of the week, I finally spotted the affordable $9-10 CDN cleansing oil and being dangerously low in my Boots Cleansing Balm, so it was completely justified that I picked it up. Contrary to what the marketing of the product would suggest, however, the main ingredient in the formula is mineral oil, that controversial ingredient that I luckily do not react to that is one of the gentlest makeup removers out there. This is my first cleansing oil and I haven’t yet braved trying to use it to remove my eye makeup- using anything other than Bioderma for this tends to be a recipe for catastrophe – but I can say that it removes everything when massaged into dry skin and then emulsifies with water to rinse clean. There isn’t a residue in the strictest sense left behind but it does leave my skin soothed and hydrated afterwards. It has my seal of approval.

In the same shopping trip, I went for the L’Oreal Colour Riche Eye Shadow in Sultry Seductress and I’m pleased to report that it can be filed under the successes. I’ll spare you the ramble but feel free to click on over here to hear the details; essentially it’s a plummy-hued quad with impressive quality shadows offering a variety of finishes rather than the usual uniform glittery-frosty mess. The pearly shade is very shimmery but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

Oh, and I told myself that I wasn’t going to include this often-raved-about polish, the cobalt Baker Street from Nails Inc. because I only picked it up on Thursday with a few other bits and bobs from Sephora but I was in the mood to paint my nails that night and it was instant awe. The formula is undoubtedly the most opaque I’ve come across and forgiving simultaneously to boot – I was lacking the energy to bother with a second coat but the polish does not even need it. There’s something about this shade that can’t be put into words.

It’s times like these with such craziness ahead that I tend to turn to yet another attempt at organization — which is near impossible for me to achieve — and along with this, I returned to planning in an agenda. I’ve been putting in more effort-based goals and this has helped to not get disillusioned by the failure of actually doing what you set out to do in a particular day. I wanted to figure out an efficient layout for my plain old blogging notebook and I remembered the inspirational Tamira, of Lipstick With Some Sunshine’s post a few months back and I’ve been giving her layout a go and so far it’s working.

How was your week last week? I hope it was exponentially more productive than mine…

Maggie, x.


Weekly Medley #10


I like to think that I’m not the only one who gets stuck into this pattern of wretched helplessness – although for your own sake, I hope you don’t experience this; when you stare at your computer screen for hours on end, stressed into submission and focused and tortured by your inability to achieve anything productive when it matters the most. Suddenly it’s 2 AM and you would want to drop out of life it it were an option when your crisis arrives and you aren’t done your first task of importance let alone the succeeding tasks so you go to sleep in hope of gaining or regaining some sort of thinking capacity. Too bad sleeping is a challenge in your state due to the combination of utter exhaustion and the stress of it all. You’re not quite sure how it happened but you wake up to the sound of your alarm and somehow managed to sleep for a good two hours despite the building wave of anxiety threatening to overwhelm you, – I’m going a little heavy with the metaphors but I can’t help myself – you splash some water on your face and drink the elixir of saving grace known as the latte. It wasn’t fun but somehow at the very last minute, you survive, assignment in hand and accomplish all that was necessary in a frighteningly productive trance until you’ve finished your eight hours of classes. This was me on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we were due for a blizzard — yes in March — but I didn’t think anything of it out of my weather-related skepticism; I couldn’t have been happier to be wrong. Classes were cancelled, the blizzard happened and thankfully we did not lose power. The opportunity was divine, allowing me to slowly transform from my zombie state into something closer resembling a human – although it did take a few more days for the change to actually occur. The whole beauty routine was not high on my priority list, more of a rushed 3-4 minutes grab n go spectacle. When presented with this challenge, I found myself relying on my beloved L’Oreal Lineur Intensefor a quick kitten-flick to add definition to my eyes in under a minute. I know, I know, I’m always rambling on about my love for this liner but I’ve been appreciating it for when I don’t have time for anything eyeshadow wise.

Later on in the week, I discovered Natalie’s blog, Thunderlove, and obsessively began reading the archives and it’s quite possibly the best thing ever. Not only is she gorgeous (pictured in the collage above, the blonde who is not me obvs), but the content and style of her blog is fantastic and the layout and design is to die for. Highly recommend that you check it out.

All things considered, I feel pleased with the posts I got out this hectic week: another Weekly Medley post (not this one), a post on MAC Tenderling Blush, a review of the REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream  and yesterday’s post on the simple smudgy eye. I didn’t get all the posts that I had hoped but I’ll get up one or two of those drugstore product reviews this week this week and I would expect a monthly favourites post in the near future.

What were the highlights of your week?

Maggie, x.



Weekly Medley #8

Oh, sweet baby jesus, the weather here has been temperamental. It went in between hovering around freezing, taunting us with the knowledge that there is something coming that we call spring that does not  require the warmest coats possible, and then gong back to blowing snow in all directions and staying at -10 plus whatever windchill going on. So the weather has been sort of unpredictable – understatement – and while I’m thankful that my skin hasn’t gone nuclear as a result (it has before) of all this cold-weather craziness, my skin has been a bit more dehydrated and irritated than usual, my eczema all broken out and my lips, once again in that wretched state.

In terms of the face, I turned to my rosehip oil from the brand, By Nature, and it sorted the irritation out, soothing the skin and providing intense nourishment. Note: I really need to stop being so lazy and remember to use this oil more as it’s a godsend.

Midway through the week, I finally succumbed and purchased the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume, willingly shelling out the sixteen bucks for the healing balm  that I knew was missing from my life. True to its claims, it’s a multipurpose balm that has been a dream for soothing my lips and eczema patches. Because it’s not specifically designed to only be used on the lips, it does not have that typical lip balm texture, instead being a thick cream that can leave the lips looking ashy, but nevertheless it outperforms all other balms I’ve tried. It’s more of a nighttime treatment for sore chapped lips, if you ask me, than one to slap on pre-makeup. And it helps with eczema and all of its itchy glory without burning on contact. Can you tell it has this girl’s skin singing its praises?

Although you can probably gather that things are not exactly springy in my world, I found myself reading and rereading Lisa Eldridge’s “Lighten Up! It’s time for a foundation refresh”. From listening to the awe-inspiring makeup artist, I’ve learned the most on the makeup front, so her post debunking the mystery of the truth behind BB/CC creams slash revealing her lighter foundation picks was a breath of fresh air.

Continuing with that whole ‘spring is coming’ thing, Joanna’s “Spring Makeup Bag Contents” caught my attention. For one, I forever love reading these posts because I’m impaired at the whole putting together a small makeup bag thing but am interested in the endeavour nevertheless and secondly, the lovely and gorgeous, Joanna, has one of those blogs that you find yourself accidentally scouring through the archives of for hours.

Is it spring for all of you yet?

Maggie, x.

Weekly Medley #6

Roughly, I spent the first half of my week in autopilot-mode, somehow completing assignment after assignment to keep up with the tight deadlines but as not much sleep had been happening prior to that, the second half of the week was spent catching up on sleep for once. However, it wasn’t an entirely drab week. Well, the weekend wasn’t at least. Saturday night was spent with some of my favourite females in the world, watching The Vampire Diaries, laughing hysterically and having a few drinks in there too and on Sunday, rather than studying alone, I made it a wee bit more entertaining with my longtime confidante, Laura. It’s safe to say that tonight will be a low-key early one by the look of things and I’m sure you can relate…

With February ending this week and March beginning, there were obviously a wealth of entertaining favourites posts and videos but this month, the results were even better than usual. Towards the end of the week when I caught up on some much-needed rest, I spent a good amount of time lounging in my bed listening to videos and reading posts and I have to say I really enjoyed the whole experience. I’ve kind of been stalking her videos and her blog itself but Suzy from Hello October’s “February Favourites” was a particularly good video of hers;entertaining to watch, relatable and informative.

Towards the end of the week, I discovered the blog, The Private Life Of A Girl, written by the lovely Sophie and I’m glad I clicked on it by chance. The layout of the blog paired with the phenomenal photography makes it a real treat to look at but it’s a fantastic read as well – don’t be fooled. When I discovered it, I kind of did that thing when I spent a good hour reading her posts and although it’s almost a month old, “Keep it Simple” was a fantastic read. I kind of am having a moment with minimalistic-makeup-centric posts, if you were wondering.

After, putting it onto the sideburner for its faff due to sheer laziness, I’ve recommitted myself to my By Nature Organic Rosehip Oil ($13/26 CDN). After reintroducing it into the routine, my skin seems notably more soothed and much less dehydrated and it has to be worth the effort. However, its amber-hue is disconcerting nevertheless. This oil also is a lifesaver on breakouts for healing them and soothing the irritation rather than irritating it further with the necessary harsh ingredients – and no, I do not mean chemicals; everything is a chemical when you think about it. This oil seems to be able to create the illusion of being well-rested when I’m so sleep-deprived that I can barely think.

Although my angst does definitely manifest to many areas of my life, my concealer angst that I’ve been facing in the last while has been notable – nothing was quite feeling right- and as a result this purchase happened a few weeks ago. Although I might not have chosen the most ideal shade for underneath my eyes, which is where I consistently need a well-performing concealer for, I’ve pleasantly surprised by the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 125 Very Fair ($7-8 CDN) as it provides coverage without looking obvious underneath the eyes and on the drier red patches on my face. I can’t see any shimmer particles in the product but it is somewhat illuminating and this seems to suit areas of redness that I have after the breakouts are gone, matching my skin with its fair shade with a yellow tinge. If you’re buying a concealer to go underneath the eyes, don’t do what I did – actually go for a pink-toned shade but this can go on other areas of the face assuming that you’re not using it to cover spots with inflammation or notable texture.

Unfortunately in my exhausted and stressed haze, I’ve neglected to document a photo of me wearing the Bourjois Cream Blush in 04 Sweet Cherry ($20 CDN) but it has been a standout product this week nevertheless. Without lacking longevity, I’ve found that the warm rose shade shade in the cream-to-powder-but-not-chalky formula glides seamlessly onto the skin, providing that easy fresh bloom to the cheeks. I’ve had this since January but it hadn’t been receiving much attention from me and this week, this changed. Although the photo below is most definitely not from this week, I thought I would include it as it accurately shows the shade.



What products have you been reaching for this week?

Maggie, x.

The Monthly Roundup #3: February 2014


It feels rather nice (understatement) to say that February is over and even nicer because the statement is actually true. As you can probably imagine, this was not my favourite month of my life but despite the stress and abundant deadlines, I survived and I’m pleased to report I whipped out 17 blogposts throughout the month. It was both the shortest and the longest month for me – because of the deadlines time flew by and it only had twenty-eight days but time goes by rather slowly when you spend it staring at the screen of your laptop and trying to make something productive out of this solitude. I wouldn’t be me without one of these rambly introductions, so don’t try to be too angry at me for this one. 🙂
1. Makeup Additions #2:
IMG_5282Although I do admittedly enjoy haul’ posts and videos, I haven’t felt right about posting about my purchased but then this one happened and it didn’t feel entirely self-indulgent…
The Daily Face #9:


I’m not going to lie, I’m predisposed to include this post due to my pride for the decent photography here – I’m horrible at that whole photo-taking thing – but the makeup look was one of my favourites and I repeated it often.
3. Luminous Skin Lineup:
I’ve been meaning to write this post for months and months — I do kind of maybe sort of have an obsession with luminous skin — and I was happy with how the post turned out!
4. February Favourites:IMG_5898
Even though lighting presented some challenges with this one, I found a pleasing amount of fantastic products in the last month and it has to be one of my favourites of these kinds of posts that I’ve written in ages.
5. The Sort-of-Snowed-In Edit:
This post precisely depicted my life for the last month, I must say, and it was a spur-of-the-moment post idea that I was really glad I went for as it kind of brought me out of my creativity drought. The last month here has been a massive storm after another and more often than not it less than -10 degrees and either blowing snow or full-on freezing rain so I thought I’d share the authentic Canadian experience with you all while rambling on about products.
What were your favourite posts this month? I’d love to hear about any that you wrote or those written by others that you enjoyed!
Maggie, x.

Weekly Medley #5



This has been a week of impossible paradoxes – both productive and wholly unproductive in totality; holed up at home on “spring break” (neither of those words seem to be a fair depiction of the time) with nothing to do but be productive and accomplish what I haven’t had time for in the usual rushing about that we call life. However, somehow when all you have to do is be productive with no distractions I’ve found myself to be completely unproductive in doing anything of profit as I become so focused on my unproductivity and my already high anxiety levels skyrocket. It has gotten to the point where I miss the escape in going to school and all the exhaustion that ensues because it’s sort of an escape from the whole solitude with your mind as your only company that drives me at least completely bonkers.

For some reason that I cannot comprehend (rationally at least), I’ve always had this vendetta against brown eyeliner – I never quite saw the point of it, as I never found black all that harsh on me – and after trying the Rimmel one that everyone adores with disappointing success, I was not planning on picking up another one but it was surprisingly affordable and there was a tester and it swatched amazingly well. Because I’m so scatterbrained, I’m afraid that I forgot to provide any details about the actual liner I’m talking about – whoops. Well, it’s the Annabelle Smoothliner in Brownie ($6-7 CDN) which is a creamy pencil that you sharpen with a consistency, pigmentation and texture that reminds me of the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners except slightly less waxy and creamier. The shade is actually a whole lot more unique than expected as it’s an ultra-dark espresso brown that provides enough definition to act as liner on my dark lashes without looking as harsh as jet black. I picked mine up at Walmart and it was actually on sale for a bit over five dollars and let me tell you, that is rare in Canada. Oh and it’s available at drugstores throughout Canada but the website ships to the US with very reasonable shipping.

The fact that I included the MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish ($35 CDN) as the sole blush in my top thirteen products of 2013 post should communicate the depth of my love for this shade but I must say that in my current zombie-like state I’ve been reaching for this daily. It’s a true coral shade with just a hint of pink to it – it pulls slightly orange-y – that imparts a gorgeous glow to the cheeks without emphasizing dullness and makes me look alive. I actually think this shade is worth the hype. Alert the media.

The Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Bad To The Bronze ($9-10 CDN) is one of those products that I always recommend to others even though I can go ages without using it without ny sort of problem. Everyone loves this taupe-bronze shade I know and it functions well as a base (but it does crease on me after a good days wear) but is one of those rare few shades that I can just slap on the lid on it’s own and then throw on some eyeliner and mascara and be satisfied with the look. I’ve been reaching for this loads lately, both as a base and as a standalone shadow on those all-to-frequent days when I’m suddenly running out of time.

I wasn’t expecting to include her post here but because of essay-and-assignment-craziness, this post is a wee bit late and I felt compelled. I love Suzie’s blog, HelloOctober (she makes fantastic videos though, too!) for it’s impeccable style and easygoing manner but today’s “Off Duty Makeup” stands out to me as a phenomenal one. Being someone who struggles with minimal makeup but is fascinated by it nevertheless, these kinds of posts hold my interest and seem to be valuable as they lay out the essential quick-fixes.

wearing the blush on the cheeks and maybelline as a base
wearing the blush on the cheeks and maybelline as a base

What were the standouts from your week, beauty or otherwise? Let me tell you I’m glad this week is over!

Maggie, x.