The Monthly Roundup #11/12: October/November 2014


Despite the lack of content on my blog as of late, I have neither died, lost function of my hands or contracted a fatal illness. Life had just gotten all kinds of crazy especially over the last week or two and now that classes are done and I’m through that horrible crunch where I had to write three term paper kinds of things in a four day period, I’m feeling much more human and in turn, you can expect much more action around these parts, known as my blog – I’m rather excited about the prospect. Well, I skipped over my monthly round-up last month so I figured that I probably shouldn’t do so again and that I might as well combine the two months into one.
  1. My Sephora Sale Picks/Recommendations

I had it in my mind that in honour of the November Sephora VIB Sale, I was going to put together a group of my personal recommendations because I think its always nice to know what are the top picks in someone else’s view. I was determined and I got the post together in time. For me, the surprising thing was that the products I chose ended up being those essentials in my collection that I seriously would not want to be without. This pleased me – no shit.

  1. The Current Shower Staples

Don’t worry, I’m always – no scratch that to almost during crazy exam periods and like situations to be completely honest – appropriately concerned with bathing and hygiene but over the last two months I’ve been really into taking baths and showers to some extent as a kind of pampering experience. This post was where I detailed my favourite products back in October and I still stand by them now.

  1. The Elusive Mellow Saturday

Looking back at this edition of my ‘The Weekend Post’ entries, makes me laugh at my former belief that things university-wise were winding down and that there was nothing to be done, regardless this was one of my favourite posts. Also, it’s still an accurate one where I ramble on about my most relaxing day staples.

  1. My Sephora VIB Sale Goodies

I’m fairly certain that the most exciting event in the last two months was the whole getting of the Sephora 20% off coupon and spending it (agonizing included) but I’m absolutely certain that beauty-wise it was the most noteworthy kind of thing. I ended up quite pleased with my post detailing the products that I picked up for myself, pictures and all because I don’t think it was quite novella length, but I gave nice descriptions of the products I picked up and why I had done so.

  1. The Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup

If you’re a regular reader here or know me in real life, you might be aware of my foundation-hoarding problem and overall obsession so it only seems fitting that I take my review posts very seriously and write them with lots of thought with extreme detail – so its not something one can just write in the spur of the moment after a few weeks of use. At the beginning of October, I pulled together a review of the foundation that I’ve been raving about since June and I stand by everything that I’ve said since.

Am I the only one who’s in complete disbelief that tomorrow marks the start of the second week of December?
Maggie, x.

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