Stash Shopping #5

When you get easily overwhelmed by too much choice and have a larger than moderate sized makeup stash as I do, periodically rotating through products to use on a daily basis can be extremely helpful to ensure that you’re switching things up and using different products. It’s particularly helpful to do this rotation at the beginning of each new season, as to switch products up to match the change and avoid buying unnecessary shiny objects. Here we go.


Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain in Milan Moment

Last summer I was all about this slightly sheer tangerine balmy staining lip product, but I put it away after the summer was clearly over as it’s a shade that suits the spring and summer the most. I adore the easy brightening shade precisely because of how low fuss and comfortable the cushiony product is.

MAC Sheertone Powder Blush in Tenderling

I long ago reached the point that I could say I needed another blush like a need a whole in my head but that hasn’t stopped me from buying more so it’s easy for me to forget blushes that I have in my collection, even ones that I adore such as this one. I tend to gravitate towards my brighter, more exciting and sheeny blushes so although I love this matte neutral warm-pink leaning shade, I tend to ignore it in favor of more immediately illuminating options.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Stereo Rose

Although I raved about this hyped limited-edition sheeny coral blush recently and I find it flattering even when I’m paler, I have to admit that I have scarcely been digging out this blush to wear during the winter seasons. Now that I’ve gotten a bit more colour – with sunscreen of course! – and have been gravitating towards more quintessentially summery makeup, I’ve dug out this luminous corally hue and have been loving it. I will warn that it’s not for everyone and it can look sunburn-esque on cooler skin tones, or particularly fair ladies.

L’Oreal Glam Bronze Mono in Universal Sun

Although my face is still fair thanks to my meticulous sunscreen application daily, I seem to have acquired a bit of a tan on my body so I’ve reached the point where I find warmer and deeper bronzers flattering and nice to unify the colour of my complexion and my body; last summer, I discovered the fabulously smooth bronzer with red undertones and I’m excited to pull it out again, after finding it difficult to use in cooler weather. Unfortunately, however, I haven’t spotted any of these bronzers in stores in Canada since last summer, although I know they remain available overseas.

Essie Nail Lacquer in Van D’Go

I might have taken a step back from nail polish in the last three weeks or so to let my nails grow and breathe (not literally, though), but I am excited that we’ve reached the time of year where we can comfortably dig out these bright summery hues. I’m perhaps the most excited to pull out this jelly polish that can only be described as a coral leaning salmon pink hue, particularly for the toes. It’s a pink that I can actually get on board with and I find it flattering with even a little bit of colour – whether natural or self-tanner-brought.

Have you rediscovered anything lately?
Maggie, x.



New Year Stash Shopping


Unless you’re one of the blessed few that manage to get by and not compulsively by loads of products in each makeup category, I’m sure you can benefit from a look through your mass of makeup every few months to pull out some new products that you haven’t been using and bring them into the daily rotation. Early in the new year, it seems about time for another edition…


L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara ($14-15)

Some months back, I was in a mascara buying mood and I was interested in both the tubing mascaras – because of the supposed ease of removal with warm water – and a lash primer, so when I spotted this two-in-one formula, I gave it a go because it ticket all of the boxes. Unfortunately, I was not particular impressed with the slightly wet lengthening and defining formula, already having pretty nice long and curled lashes, nor did I find it particularly simple to remove. I pulled this mascara out today, looking for something different and after months have passed and the formula has dried out some, I have enjoyed the increased volume and drama that the formula provides along with the impressive lengthening and overall natural separated effect. The length of my lashes are kind of ridiculous with this on them, in the best way possible.


Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 010 Ivory ($7-8)

Late in 2013 and in the early days of 2014, I was enjoying this highlighting concealer for its thin texture, brightening effect and surprisingly opaque in coverage but after discovering more colour-correcting formulas for counteracting undereye darkness, I turned away from this one. However, lately I’ve been enjoying this rather pale toned concealer to underneath my eyes to brighten/cover things up along to any kind of discolouration and to highlight some areas slightly if I’m so inclined.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 100 Ivory ($9-13)

It may very well be a stretch to say that this affordable foundation was ever out of my rotation completely, which shouldn’t be surprising because I’ve raved about it countless times and for ages, I have considered it to be among my top few very favourite foundations – and if you’ve been around here for some time, I’m sure you’re well aware of how fanatical I get about foundations. Erm, getting to the point now. I hadn’t been reaching for this foundation often within the last three or four months but upon grabbing this foundation on an early morning in my zombie state, I’m back into this one. I love how good of a match the moderately fair yellow-tinged-beige-leaning foundation is on my fairer winter skin, how hydrating and comfortable it is even on these -20 degree snowy days and how it gives luminosity to my skin while still covering anything that needs to be covered. I honestly do not know how I haven’t gone through a bottle yet.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette ($67)

To be honest, I never keep this luxurious palette far away from my daily makeup stash, as it’s lovely and I paid more than one should on it, but in recent months when I’ve been in such a rush with my everyday makeup routine, I haven’t been taking the time to apply such subtle powders. I’ve been either not making the effort to highlight or even set my face, or I’ve gone with slightly less fine powders that get more impact with less effort. In recent days, though, I dug out this palette, wanting to find a subtle bronzer that would suit my fairer skin and I have fallen back in love. Note: the state of my Dim Light makes me want to cry.


NARS Orgasm Powder Blush ($35)

Despite not reaching for the cult-favourite pinky coral blush – with that illuminating golden shimmer running throughout – on a regular basis for over six months, I would still have to list this glowy blush as among my absolute favourites for its instant brightening effect. However, I have gotten up the courage to face (on record) that I’ve neglected such a beauty and I’ve already begun the process of remedying that fact. I feel like I might be one of the few that believe that this shade is worth the hype but if your colouring is anything like mine and you have similar blush preferences to me, I would highly recommend giving it a go, pronto.

I’m beginning to realize that this post was on the lengthy side with perhaps not the most interesting content, – but what else is new? Have you rediscovered anything in your stash lately?
Maggie, x.


Rediscovered Loves

DSC_1002 I would say that I’ve put myself on a no-buy but I’m self-aware enough to know that the moment I would make such a statement, the commitment would be destined to become broken as I’m sure I will find something that I can’t endure being without, so instead I’m committing to a low-buy instead. In thinking and doing this wholeheartedly I’ve also pulled some products out that I already own and have loved in the past to stop myself from yearning after the next shiny object and here’s the lowdown…

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation (Ivory): This had to be the standout product find of 2013 and I don’t take such declarations lightly but during the spring I fell out of love with it as I found that it was not the most flattering foundation on my inflamed raised blemishes (on account of the subtle shimmer in the formula). However, unless things are looking particularly catastrophic in that department, this one has proven itself to me again as ideal. My skin agrees with the formulation itself and it’s one that consistently looks good without requiring loads of work, being flattering over dry matches and even more-so on over areas of dehydration while looking like skin and leaving a finish that sits somewhere in between satiny and truly glowy.

Benefit Boxed Powder in Rockateur: Being as much of a blush hoarder as I am, the fact that I had been neglecting this one isn’t entirely shocking in itself, considering that the sheeny rusty-rosy shade tends to be categorized as a typical fall/winter shade. However considering that I detest complete adherence to those sort of rules and that I consider this shade to be in my top three of all time, I should have known better than to neglect it. As I’ve dug it out again, I can barely put it down as it adds that subtle but brightening flush to the cheeks that differs from the usual summery corals without going into that wintry berry territory; it’s seasonless and absolutely stunning.

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner (Blackest Black): I’ve liked this gel liner for ages but have always gone for the fuss-free L’Oreal Lineur Intense over this one when I’m looking for something inky and precise for its ease and time-efficiency but now that I made the effort to actually clean the brush I use with this one and have dug it out again, I’ve been loving the precision and versatility that it offers. My only issue is that it’s difficult to form precise wings with the brush in comparison to felt-tip liners and that it requires a few more minutes as opposed to the 30 seconds each eye requires when I go for the liquid option.

Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser: I raved about this one loads last year but after I finished it up, I decided to try their newer similar Ultra Gentle offering and I’m still not through that one; however, there was a sale on so I couldn’t resist picking this one up at an affordable price and I’ve been naughty and have begun to use it without finishing up the other one first. It’s an absolute failure in terms of removing makeup but the nourishing creamy cleanser is the gentlest thing on the skin and actually somehow leaves it more hydrated than before without the addition of any harsh ingredients (i.e. fragrance). Plus, it leaves the skin soothed afterwards but doesn’t require a cloth or any sort of process of removal. This is my perfect morning cleanser, I must say!

Have you made any recent beauty rediscoveries? Happy Sunday — the apocalypse has not come upon us, I’m trying out my Weekly Medley post on Monday for an experiment.
Maggie, x.


The Stash Rediscoveries



It’s not the first post of this kind gracing the pages of the blog but I hope it’s a wee bit more successful than the former edition of the ‘shopping my stash’ thing around here; while last time, the rediscovered products didn’t stick for long as there was a reason why the products were pushed aside in the first place – they weren’t quite ideal as staples, for me at least. Here’s the lowdown…

Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No7 Plush Eyeshadow in 204 The Starlet ($71) – review here

I’m afraid that I can’t take credit for the whole thought that this palette, a luxurious and very interesting metallic neutral palette is either unique in the worst way or the best, as I read it on another blog that I can’t seem to recall. If you know whose post I may be recalling, I’d love to hear who to give proper credit to for the idea. The quality of the shadows are impeccable and their only legitimate quality flaw is that the smooth and pigmented shadows do have the tendency to fall down but as they’re not ideal with their more interesting shades with metallic finishes as an all-inclusive everyday kind of palette but at the same time are interesting yet neutral shades. Now that I’m trying to at least spot clean my brushes on a weekly basis, I’ve begun to give the luxurious palette a go on a regular basis for a bit of a smokier smudgy eye. Today, I went for the pinky champagne shade with microglitter/microshimmer all across the lid to begin, blended the medium-toned copper shade into the outer half of the lid and slightly into the crease and smoked the charcoal into the lashline and outer corner, if you were curious.


Bourjois 10-Hour Sleep Effect Foundation in 73 ($26) – review here

It’s not so much that I had fallen out of love with this one but rather, I picked up this shade shortly after the end of last summer when I unknowingly must have had gotten more colour than I thought (oops!) and so I haven’t been able to wear the shade that I have or been able to justify picking up yet another foundation without finishing up even one of the many in my possession but now that I’ve been gradual tanning and have been enjoying the weather outside (wearing SPF, of course) since, I’ve been able to go for this darker foundation offering and I’ve been enjoying doing so for the last couple of days. The lightweight foundation with seamless light but buildable coverage sits on the skin as lightweight as can be and imparts the skin with the appearance of naturally luminous skin with no sign of makeup in sight.

Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya ($9)

I’ve mentioned my mild dislike for the cult-favourite lip products that promise the moisture of a balm with the colour of a lipstick but this isn’t to say that they are outwardly bad products especially not in this subdued coral shade, they just are less moisturizing and buttery and more waxy for my liking – and aren’t the most flattering on lips in less-than-the-ideal condition. Regardless of these feelings, I have pulled this shade back out again, missing the gorgeous subdued coral shade that formula-wise is definitely the best performing shade out of the range that I’ve tried.

NARS Orgasm Powder Blush ($33)

I’ve been neglecting the famous pink-coral blush with golden shimmer in the last four or five months but the truth remains that this blush is the only one that I’ve ever hit pan on and is a long-term favourite product in my collection. For a good long while, this face-brightening blush has remained my staple blush and I’m getting to remedy its undeserving neglect. Here I go again, describing cosmetics as if they were animate objects, the usual.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these products as well as any recent product discoveries of yours!
Maggie, x.