The Fuss-Free & Wearable Smoky Eye


Unfortunately I didn’t take a good look in the mirror with some good lighting so I suppose you’ll have to live with the patchy lip product application in these photos, as they are besides the point of this post. And it’s nowhere near as bad in real life, I tell you. I’m by no means calling myself someone with particular expertise with the whole smoky eye thing but I do rock one fairly often – it was the first makeup look that I fell in love with, after all – and considering that it’s something that my real life friends tell me they find that it’s difficult, I figured I would give a more intensive post a go. This might be quite intense for some but legitimately I wear it to school and such and it doesn’t look too heavy, but I’ve been told that with my rather large deep-set eyes I can pull of a lot of eye makeup without looking overly done up.

As per usual, I began with a base and this time I went for the unfortunately limited edition Maybelline Color Tattoo in Nude Compliment to add a hint of taupe with the added longevity and such. I just used my fingers here as I honestly can’t be bothered to use any more brushes than I have to.

The main brush used was my ancient MAC 217, and it was first used to apply the caramel hue from the Dior Greige Quint as a transition colour and base crease colour but I also applied it to the outer corner. The main palette in use here was the metallic Marc Jacobs Beauty The Starlet but it is unfortunately lacking in matte basic sort of shades. With the same brush, I packed the champagne with a mauve lean all over the lids and into the inner corner, which keeps the look
from being too dark. Concentrating on the outer third of the lid and crease, using the same brush again, I went for the dark bronze brown and slowly built up the colour. Then I switched to a generic shading brush with the same shade, concentrating on the outer v and lower lashline. Before dealing with the blending, I went straight onto liner, using my creamy Annabelle Smoothliner in Black to tightline and to smudge into the upper and lower lashes with the same shading brush. And before going in with a good couple of coats with a mascara that does amazing things for my lashes, I blended out the harsh corners and diffused the colour with my Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush , going for a blown-out rounded shape rather than having to clean up the outer corners. Then concealer is a must… either for toning down messiness from the blending or eliminating darkness.

So here is my take on a subtler smoky eye. I have to say that I haven’t mastered this yet but if you’re looking for someone who has, check Amelia Liana out (she blogs and does videos) – she’s the smoky eye queen! What are your go-to’s for a smoky eye?

Maggie, x.



Everyday Staples #1

Real Techniques Buffing Brush, MAC 217 eyeshadow brush, MAC 266 Small Angle brush, Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush, MAC Patisserie Lipstick & NARS Orgasm Blush
the brushes
the brushes

Real Techniques Buffing Brush – sold in the Core Collection ($23  CDN)

The funny thing is that I don’t think I’ve ever talked about makeup brushes here but my only explanation is that I so rarely purchase them. For the first time in five years, I picked these brushes up at my local drugstore (Lawton’s Drugs) this summer out of hearing the hype and actually seeing the brushes available at an affordable price. I had really been lusting after the buffing brush that unfortunately is only available in this set and it did not disappoint . The synthetic fibres really help to blend foundation seamlessly into my skin and minimizes the appearance of dry patches unlike other brushes. I use the other brushes in the set but the buffing brush is the standout in the kit.

MAC 217 eyeshadow brush ($28.50 CDN)

I fondly remember receiving this, along with my first MAC eyeshadow, on my thirteenth birthday and to this day, I adore it and use it constantly. And it’s still going strong. It’s so faded that the number is no longer visible but it’s the best eyeshadow brush nevertheless. It might actually be worth its high pricepoint.

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush ($24 CDN)

I remember (fondly as well) receiving this as a gift from my mother within the same year when I bought MAC Fluidline. This was the brush that taught me how to apply liner and I use it daily even now, years later. It’s not my absolute favourite for gel liner anymore but it’s a staple for filling in the brows with eyeshadow and using eyeshadow as liner. I’m contemplating purchasing another one…

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush ($9-10 CDN)

Speaking of gel liner, this is the brush that recently took the MAC 266’s pkace in my heart as the ideal brush for gel liner because it allows for additional precision, creating the thinnest lines and the best wings by my (admittedly shaky) hand. This was one of those love at first use kind of things. I would go on for ages but I really should move beyond brushes.

the makeup
the makeup

MAC Patisserie Lipstick ($18 CDN)

This lipstick has actually been my first go-with-anything kind of lipstick love. The warm-toned darker pinky-brown nude has a lustre finish and therefore does not highlight my perpetually dry lips and is actually slightly moisturizing. I could easily write an entire post on my love for this lipstick but I’m trying to restrain myself. It’s a nude that isn’t all that different in colour from my unpigmented lips and is the antithesis of concealer lips as I find it brightens my face without adding overly obvious colour.

MAC Patisserie in its true glory
MAC Patisserie in its true glory

NARS Orgasm Powder Blush ($33 CDN)

I’m proud to say that I purchased this blush a few years ago, about a month before they raised their prices (from $27 CDN). This is the blush that I’ve made the greatest dent in ever and that’s saying something, being the blush hoarder that I am. I wear it in the way and for the same reasons as many others seem to wear the iconic (but disappointing in my humble opinion) MAC Well Dressed Powder Blush – it’s that goes-with-everything instantly brightening shade that brings that sought-after glow to the face. I would describe the shade as a warm pink with a hint of coral with golden shimmer running throughout that imparts that subtle glow to my face without looking obvious.

What are your everyday staples? Do you use any of these products in your daily routine?