The Monthly Roundup #11/12: October/November 2014


Despite the lack of content on my blog as of late, I have neither died, lost function of my hands or contracted a fatal illness. Life had just gotten all kinds of crazy especially over the last week or two and now that classes are done and I’m through that horrible crunch where I had to write three term paper kinds of things in a four day period, I’m feeling much more human and in turn, you can expect much more action around these parts, known as my blog – I’m rather excited about the prospect. Well, I skipped over my monthly round-up last month so I figured that I probably shouldn’t do so again and that I might as well combine the two months into one.
  1. My Sephora Sale Picks/Recommendations

I had it in my mind that in honour of the November Sephora VIB Sale, I was going to put together a group of my personal recommendations because I think its always nice to know what are the top picks in someone else’s view. I was determined and I got the post together in time. For me, the surprising thing was that the products I chose ended up being those essentials in my collection that I seriously would not want to be without. This pleased me – no shit.

  1. The Current Shower Staples

Don’t worry, I’m always – no scratch that to almost during crazy exam periods and like situations to be completely honest – appropriately concerned with bathing and hygiene but over the last two months I’ve been really into taking baths and showers to some extent as a kind of pampering experience. This post was where I detailed my favourite products back in October and I still stand by them now.

  1. The Elusive Mellow Saturday

Looking back at this edition of my ‘The Weekend Post’ entries, makes me laugh at my former belief that things university-wise were winding down and that there was nothing to be done, regardless this was one of my favourite posts. Also, it’s still an accurate one where I ramble on about my most relaxing day staples.

  1. My Sephora VIB Sale Goodies

I’m fairly certain that the most exciting event in the last two months was the whole getting of the Sephora 20% off coupon and spending it (agonizing included) but I’m absolutely certain that beauty-wise it was the most noteworthy kind of thing. I ended up quite pleased with my post detailing the products that I picked up for myself, pictures and all because I don’t think it was quite novella length, but I gave nice descriptions of the products I picked up and why I had done so.

  1. The Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup

If you’re a regular reader here or know me in real life, you might be aware of my foundation-hoarding problem and overall obsession so it only seems fitting that I take my review posts very seriously and write them with lots of thought with extreme detail – so its not something one can just write in the spur of the moment after a few weeks of use. At the beginning of October, I pulled together a review of the foundation that I’ve been raving about since June and I stand by everything that I’ve said since.

Am I the only one who’s in complete disbelief that tomorrow marks the start of the second week of December?
Maggie, x.

Weekly Medley #44/45

Recently Updated44So it may or may not be more than a wee bit after my last post in this series – I’ve been doing this for a year with impressive constancy (if you discount the last month or so) and am nearing my fiftieth post with frightening vigor. There might have been five to many adjectives in the last sentence but I’m stressed, exhausted and tend to overuse adjectives. Well, I’m more than pleased to say that it’s gotten nice and wintry around these parts and the constant rain has stopped with some snow being thrown into the mix. I’m afraid that I’m not quite as pleased to be less than a week from classes ending and the impending doom called the exam period starting. Things have been stressful and busy but the funny thing is that the deadlines were worse a few weeks ago. However, having a bit more time to write and agonize over my assignments and large research essays might not be all that great for my productivity and sanity. Still I’m not looking forward to next week when my papers all seem to be due extremely close together. Ackkkk.

In the last few days quality sleep hasn’t occurred at all and I’ve been more sleep deprived than usual. Evidence of this would be seen by my appearance in recent weeks that has not been masked with any sort of makeup all that often and perhaps has been washed a little less frequently than even I desire, giving quite the haystack appearance. Oddly enough, my skin hasn’t been freaking out and I’m convinced that that can only be chalked down to an effective and consistent skincare routine – expect something more on the skincare front soon. Anyways, one thing that I’ve been loving is my extreme binge-watching of The Originals in the last four days or so. I’m not exactly sure that it’s been conductive to productivity but considering that I have this nostalgia-driven duty to watch every episode of The Vampire Diaries ever to be aired, I figured it was time to start with the sister series. More often than not, I amaze myself with my ability to procrastinate in the most self-destructive way possible.

Continuing on the note of things that I’ve enjoyed, last weekend I went out for dinner with the family at Agricola Street Brasserie and although I really enjoyed my mash and sausage meal, the spicy margarita that I ordered was particularly noteworthy. It was rather strong in a tasty way and had a strong sense of lime along with the heat and less of that sugary sweetness that I don’t typically enjoy. At the end of last week, I also gave myself somewhat of a DIY manicure that I rather enjoyed for the five days that it lasted. The combination was all Essie, beginning with two coats of Bikini So Teeny on the nails as a base and then topped with a layer of the spectacular glitter, On A Silver Platter and the No Chips Ahead Top Coat.

I might as well start calling these bi-weekly medleys, I’m beginning to realize, but I digress. How are things around your parts?
Maggie, x.

Another Round of Stash Shopping


I’m fortunate enough to have a great deal more makeup than any ‘normal’ human being found outside of this obsession would deem justifiably normal, however it’s not like I have a dresser full like many others seem to. Lately my general daily makeup organization has gotten out of control and I’ve had no choice but to go through an impose some organization and I’ve rediscovered some neglected beauties that I’ve been excited to add back into the rotation. Plus, I kind of want to minimize extraneous beauty-related spending as much as possible and this seems to be my ticket.

Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Crème Bronzer in Rich Bronze ($10.99)

I remember picking this one up earlier this summer after really enjoying the lighter-toned Warm Tan shade for months previously but I know that I had cast the cream formulations aside during the time that I was suffering from stubborn breakouts along my cheeks that just wouldn’t leave me alone and I had just completely forgotten about it months since. About ten days ago, I randomly picked this darker but still warm-toned shade and have been enjoying sculpting and adding warmth to my face ever since, paired with the Real Techniques Contour Brush.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow ($41)

Considering how I constantly waxed poetically on my love for this pale cooler-toned pink blush for the good four months after I bought it (more than) consistently, it seems outlandish that I could ever include this in a rediscovered products post – that would require me to stop using it, after all – but in my recent state of frightening makeup disorganization and rushing to the nth degree in the morning constantly, I had neglected this beauty. It’s so light and cool-toned that it appears deceptively light and chalky and even swatches slightly that way but somehow it translates onto the face with buildable pigment that reads as an angelic soft-focus flushed effect that’s especially stunning on fairer skin. I may or may not have another shade of the expensive blush line on the way, courtesy of the Sephora VIB Sale. I don’t regret it, at all.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl ($36)

As obsessed as I am with getting that glow, highlighter tends to be an afterthought in the makeup routine, often neglected completely or thrown on haphazardly in the last few seconds remaining and the cream offerings tend to be completely neglected because I don’t want to think about using cream-powder interaction. However, I’m rather sad that I neglected this gorgeous and easy-to-use pale salmon-tinged pink offering that has the prettiest subtle golden duochrome to it. It’s cream but somehow easier to use than most of its texture.

Annabelle Lip Liner in Demure ($5.95)

This is one of those beauty bargains that I really got my mileage out of this summer and lead-up to Fall but then came my laziness, my obsession with much bolder lipsticks and the great makeup organization catastrophe – with my reorganization, I was more than pleased to spot this again and remember its existence. It might sound boring but this warm-toned dusty brown-tinged neutral pink liner works perfectly with my lips and my most neutral of offerings, adding longevity and a little bit of polish – with minimal effort or time involved, of course.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Layin’ Low ($25)

I’m no stranger to the concept of the MAC Paint Pot and I’ve been a fan for numerous years but after discovering my favourite NARS primer this August, I had kind of cast these coloured cream bases aside for the most part, only reaching for the occasional more exciting hued Maybelline offerings. However, I forgot just how nice, gorgeous and most of all creamy (even after six or seven months) that this medium-toned warm brown matte shade is in recent months until I couldn’t find any other sort of base the other morning and dug this one out. It might be basic but it’s beautiful and requires extremely minimal effort.

DSC_1219From the top: Hourglass Ethereal Glow, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, Sonia Kashuk Rich Bronze, Annabelle Demure, MAC Layin’ Low

Have you ‘shopped your stash’ lately? If so, what were your finds?
Maggie, x.


October Favourites


I must say that while I’m not the biggest fan of the large volume of tasks and the associated stresses that October has brought, I do absolutely adore that whole cozy laid-back feel that has come over us all with the cooling weather – that I love, being someone who is always warm and detests being in such a state. I’ve also rather enjoyed having the justification to burn candles and being able to wear cozy sweaters and this can be easily found in my favourites.

Aldo Lazares Satchel ($60)

I will admit that because I’ve been loving this colour-blocked crossbody bag so much on a daily basis this month, I’m afraid it is not in the most immaculate shape and I’m both sorry and not for that. It’s not real leather or anything but I find Aldo quality to be pretty good for resisting wear and I’ve enjoyed carrying this bag around because it’s not too out there but looks stylish (IMO) and it fits my laptop and a nice amount of other stuff inside it without any sort of difficulty.

Gap Drop-Shoulder Sweater in Mushroom ($54.95)

I have been similarly obsessed with this lightweight but warm slouchy sweater that I picked up at the same time as the bag, for not entirely different reasons – it’s practical in terms of comfort and whatnot and I think it looks much more pulled together than the usual alternatives. It is not itchy which I rather like and I find the slouchy silhouette suits my typical leggings and rather slim-fitting jeans, plus I’m having a love affair with the grey hue. I’ve worn this sweater as often as would be seen socially acceptable and then some.

Bath & Body Works Flannel Mini Candle ($5)

I was indeed distraught contemplating whether to include this one in this months post, not because I was not loving it immensely throughout the month (even above other candles as I was in the candle burning mood) but instead because Bath & Body Works apparently decided to get rid of it when their Winter candles came out – I found this out the hard way. Alas, I’ve been loving burning this quite musky somewhat-masculine scent that has this pleasing fresh undercurrent to it that somehow reads as unisex and enticing. It’s like Mahogany Teakwood without the woodsy element but might perhaps make me feel even more relaxed. It should be noted that it kind of smells like an attractive male who might be wearing flannel.1

Phillipa Gregory ‘The White Queen’ ($14-19)

Thanks to picking up this book again and rereading it, I’ve fallen back into the habit of reading for fun – shock horror – and have been enjoying it tremendously. It has that accurate historical spin that leaves you reeling paired with good writing and an astonishing lack of clichéd-ness – certainly not a word I’m aware…

DiorSkin Star Fluid Foundation ($50)

We’re coming to the final stretch of this favourites segment and I promise the rest are all products of the beauty variety and I can say with absolute certainty that this one has earned the top spot. I’ve been wearing this pretty much exclusively since picking it up a month ago and it has quickly earned its place among my top favourite foundations. It somehow manages to impress me despite its otherworldly claims and hype, bringing that luminosity and texture-concealing factor that I’m looking for with ridiculous longevity and impressive coverage at the same time.

It’s not quite like my sheerer luminous foundations in the sense that it looks 100% like bare skin – it is hardly detectable on the skin unless your looking for it – and is the most flattering on moderately dry patches and textured areas. Plus, I love that this foundation is lightweight and hydrating, formulated without irritating alcohols; I believe this is what allows my skin to not look a bit dull and dehydrated as the day goes on but rather luminous and all that jazz. There will be a review in the near future and it will be glowing.

MAC Powder Blush in Style ($21/26)

Although I seem to have had taken quite a break from my usual obsessive chronicling of blushes in recent favourites, I promise that I’m here again in my typical fashion to ramble on about my current obsession. This month I’ve fallen in love with this peachier coral with the most gorgeous gold sheen to it and I’m not even going to apologize for being consistent with my year-round coral blush loving. It’s life. Plus my palette is out to get me and won’t let me get the pan out.

Indeed Laboratories Facial Powdered Exfoliator ($29.99)

I’ve been enjoying this fruit acid packed powder exfoliant for a few months but I’ve been relying on it 2-3 times a week in the last month or so because it’s delivered on the brightening front, rescuing my skin from dullness, especially coming with the cooler weather.

L’Oreal EverCreme Intense Nourishing Shampoo ($9-10)

I finally succumbed to the hype of this sulfate-free affordable shampoo and I couldn’t be more pleased with myself. It cleans the hair effectively but gently and doesn’t cause any adverse effects such as tangling up my hair or weighing it down and comes awfully close to my favourite Pureology shampoo. It also smells delicious.

Garnier Deconstructed Texture Tease ($7-8)

Especially when I’ve been touching up my natural waves after day or two of wear by adding some curl with my straightener, I’ve been enjoying liberally spraying my hair with this texturizing and volumizing spray. I tend to lean upside down and work it into the roots of my hair in that position and it works to add instant volume that doesn’t fall after five measly minutes. It adds a fair bit of grittiness so it’s not one that I would recommend to anyone who loves that clean soft feeling in their hair.

 What were you loving this month?
Maggie, x.

My Sephora Sale Picks/Recommendations

Recently Updated42

It has reached that time of year when many are beginning to have access to the promotional sales at Sephora that begins with the Friends & Family Sale (I don’t have access to that one unfortunately) and will continue soon with the VIB sale so I figured it was due time to share some of the products that I consider essential and worth picking up, especially at a substantial discount for once. I’ve also been wanting to share some of the higher end products that I adore for some time now so it only seemed fitting to share.

Caudalie Vinosource Riche Intense Moisture Rescue Cream ($40 CDN)

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that doesn’t break the bank – but keep in mind that it’s not uber-affordable either – that delivers on the intense hydration and soothing front, look no further than this one (or the lighter Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet if you’re more of a true combination skin type and worried about the t-zone situation). It’s almost like a moisturizer and treatment at once and it is quite possibly the gentlest and most soothing thing on my delicate skin and it’s magically effective while being lightweight.

DevaCurl B’Leave In ($26 CDN)

This certainly isn’t a product that will suit a wide variety of hair types and this is perhaps tied to the fact that despite the name, this is not a leave in conditioner. Instead, this is a leave-in protein treatment that when used with other styling products with hold adds vitality to the finer or sad limp curls and waves in my hair – there’s nothing else like it. I would recommend it if you have hair of the wavy or curly variety that falls flat and/or limp in spots, particularly towards the front and at the roots.

Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation ($50 CDN)

There are two things of crucial consideration that must be said before I truly get on into this about this foundation: one it’s expensive and has some crazy hype and claims and that I might have only had this for under two months. It’s a real testament to the wonder that is this foundation that despite these two factors, I believe that it is worthy enough of praise to make my edited down list here. It’s a ridiculously long wearing foundation that true to its claims offers that brightening luminous effect with a satiny finish and medium-buildable coverage. I love that it does all of these marvelous things without including harsh alcohol in the formula. This has to be my newest foundation love and I’d say its worth the price, however it’s not quite a seamless second-skin foundation; it is slightly visible on the skin but it covers and brightens like nothing else so it’s a worthy trade off.

Bobbi Brown Corrector ($30 CDN)

It might not look all that special but this discoloration camouflaging cream concealing product covers my dark circles like nothing else. I know that you’re technically supposed to apply a concealer on top but on the everyday basis where I can’t be bothered, I get away without applying one on top without sacrificing on the coverage front. It can settle into creases within the first couple of minutes but after some patting in and some setting if I’m not to lazy, you’re set for days. I wouldn’t expect to be matched to Light to Medium Bisque given that I’m on the fairer side of things but its slightly deeper shade helps to conceal my horrific dark circles with minimal product, effort and visibility. The seemingly small pot lasts ages too.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush ($41 CDN)

It would be an understatement to even intimate that my love for this blush formula in Ethereal Glow has not been documented in a frighteningly redundant frequency but I couldn’t resist mentioning it now that there is an opportunity to get the magical formula at a price that is slightly easier to stomach. There’s something just so beautiful about the formula of these blushes, especially in how they add that subdued glow while actually blurring imperfections on the skin as opposed to highlighting them. I’ll either be picking up the palette version of this or another shade…

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette ($67 CDN)

I will admit that this has certainly been talked to death, both the standard miraculous blurring powders and the palette itself, but if you’re eager to try them out for themselves but have not yet had the opportunity, I would recommend going for them now in the nice palette form. I’ve reviewed these extensively and in short I find they create a beautiful subtle effect and these three shades offer a nice selection – Radiant Light to add warmth, Dim Light to blur the skin with the nice beige hues and Incandescent Light to serve as a lighter more traditional highlighting powder.

NARS Contour Blush ($46 CDN)

You might be aware that I’ve waxed poetically on the middle shade available (Paloma) but I stand by my assessment that these powder duos are exquisite but the truth remains that they are a pricy investment so they seem to be an ideal sale item. The powders are pigmented and smooth, working nicely to contour the face and highlight and set the other areas in a flattering and seamless way. If you’re looking for a more natural contouring product and matte highlighting powder, look no further – if one of the three shades strikes your fancy at least.

Dior 5 Coleur Eyeshadow in 734 Grege ($61 CDN)

Despite being quite an extravagant purchase, Dior eyeshadows have proven themselves to be my favourite of all time – they’re hella pigmented, buttery, long-wearing and have the least fall out that I have EVER experienced and Grege is the palette that I have that I find to be the most versatile. It has a nice caramel satiny shade, a shimmery pale ivory shade, a muted taupe, a shimmery mid-tone gunmetal-silver and a matte greyed deep brown that work together to create a multitude of different ‘looks’ and although it’s quite an investment at first, the shadows do last for ages as they come with an impressive amount of product.

Do you have any recommendations for me to check out? I’m always eager…. 😉
Maggie, x.

A Weekday Wishlist

Recently Updated38

This post is going to begin with a bit of a (very) tangential ramble; I know you’re all absolutely shocked by this. Believe it or not, I’ve been really enjoying blogging lately but I’ve had difficulty getting a good number of posts up because life has kind of sped up crazily as of late but not so much that I’ve gone to finding time and inspiration to write blog posts as a means of procrastination from all the other stuff that I have going on. Case in point? I’ve been meaning to get another wishlist post up over the last little bit but I haven’t managed to get anything done and I apologize for the lack of happenings around here. Before I get into things, I’ll offer the disclaimer that the round-up is rather high end because I’ve been trying to hold of on purchasing until the promising Sephora VIB Sale and I’ve had my eye on these things and writing this list may or may not be what is preventing me from running to the mall and picking some of these up.

InterDesign 3-Drawer Multipurpose Storage Container with Knobs ($19.99)

Considering how disorganized I am, it’s a given that I am in need of some practical way to store my everyday makeup and although I’ve lusted after the options of MUJI I’ve held off because of their frankly ridiculous shipping prices to Canada, so obviously when I spotted this one on Amazon, I’m convinced that it’s the one for me. I suspect this purchase will happen in the not-too-distant future.

Forever 21 Wool-Blend Boucle Cardigan ($33.80)

At the moment I’m really into that whole cozy sweater situation and this fits the bill and I have been longing after one of these tweedy boucle knits for years and years, actually. It seems obvious that this would be something that I’ve got my eye on then but it does also have a nice slouchy silhouette too. Obviously it shall be mine.

Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil ($55)

I’ve been a huge fan of what Caudalie products that I have tried so it only seems fitting that when I spotted this oil promising to soothe and restore dry and sensitive skin overnight, my interest was peaked. However, I held off because it wasn’t exactly cheap and I still had a good portion of my rosehip oil left but after running through most of that container and hearing Amelia Liana rave about this stuff in her recent skincare video, I’ve got my eye on this one.

NARS ‘Audacious’ Lipstick in Brigitte ($37)

There is no doubt that this recently-released lipstick formulation has luxurious packaging and a gorgeous formulation but I was prepared to pass on it because as nice as it was, it seemed to be nicely packaged marketing hype. My opinion changed when I tried these out on my hand at Sephora a little while back and exercised impressive restraint by not picking up a shade or two of the formula after feeling how creamy and comfortable they were. Within the huge collection there were numerous shades that caught my fancy but this one was easily at the top of the list and seemed to be a little more unique than the rest, a peach-hued neutral hue that would suit all seasons. They had a texture that seemed to be ideal for my sensitive lips and they are supposed to release moisture throughout the day and I rather enjoyed their opacity and lack of a scent.

Marc Jacobs Beauty The Skyliner Seven Piece Petite Highliner Collection ($56)

Recently I did wax poetically about my love of this creamy eyeliner formula in the shade Brown(Out) and my love for the formula might have even grown since so it shouldn’t be a shocker that I have my eye on this set of the pencils in miniature form to try out different shades. This satisfies the eyeliner addict in me by merely looking at it…

Kerastase Creme d’Huile Oleo Curl ($42)

Although I acknowledge that my mane is in desperate need of a good hair cut, — I’ve just been far too lazy to actually book an appointment, oops — I have been actually enjoying that whole hair thing recently rather than groaning whenever I have to thing about washing or detangling my hair and I’ve been getting into curl creams again. I don’t have any that I’m in love with at the moment but I’ve been enjoying the texture so when I figured out that Kerastate actually shipped affordably to Canada, I became convinced that I wanted to splurge on their offering because of the great things I have heard about the product itself as well as the luxury brand as a whole. Have you tried anything from their line?

Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 7-Plush in 212 The Dreamer ($71)

I most certainly do not need another eyeshadow palette, especially when you consider that it wasn’t too long ago that I picked up the Smashbox Cherry Smokes Photo-Op Eyeshadow Palette, and I didn’t need one then, but I’ve been lusting after a new one. Given that I’ve already fallen in love with the Marc Jacobs eyeshadow formula from their The Starlet palette, this palette seemed to be ideal because it has some interesting warm tone neutral shades in my usual palette with some mattes thrown in, including that essential warm-toned blending shade as well as a darker one. Love.

REN Flash-Rinse 1 Minute Facial ($58)

I’ve been intrigued by this radiance-boosting product ever since it entered the blogosphere and was raved about by a few of my most trusted but I expected that it would merely be filled with a good amount of natural fragrance and some irritating alcohol but I was pleased to hear that it doesn’t contain alcohol and instead has a good dose of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant I’ve been wanting to add into my routine because of its brightening effects. It promises that instant radiance after being applied to the skin and I’m always for some radiance and glow.

 Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette ($67)

So I’ve mentioned countless times how much I love my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow and that I’ve been eager to try another shade in almost every wishlist post that I’ve done this year but I seem to be unable to take the plunge despite really wanting to try another shade. For this reason, the palette seems ideal and would allow me from refraining from making the difficult choice. It has Luminous Flush which is a rosy shade that I’ve had my eye on in particular, I would be interested to try the more mauve-toned Mood Exposure and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the exclusive peachy shade Incandescent Electra.

What have you been eyeing up lately?

Maggie, x.

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Weekly Medley #37


  1. I stopped into the drugstore and this happened… I was kind of in need of another bottle of the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP, as I had finished my previous smaller bottle and I spotted the larger one on sale so I grabbed it along with the Garnier Fructis Deconstructed Texture Tease that I’ve been oh-so-eager to try.
  2. My favourite video of the week … Although I thought at first I might be biased as it was watched on campus as a nice break to the stress of things at the moment but now that I’ve thought about it and rewatched it, I say for certain that Amelia’s “Autumnal Skincare Overhaul & Favourites” video was my favourite one of the week and I’m pleased to have added a product or three to my wishlist as I have similar sensitive skin concerns to her and she gives good advice in my experience. Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil, I’ve got my eye on you!
  3. Lattelattelatte… I’m passionate about caffeine of the general variety but these lattes are my favourite and this one was from last Monday when we went out to a local coffee shop to celebrate my good pal Lauren’s birthday. T’was a good time and the caffeine was much appreciated especially considering how drab and overwhelmed I was feeling.
  4. A favourite of my favourites posts … In terms of posts from the last week, I was particularly pleased with my September FavouritesI liked how it turned out and not just because I have this intense love for favourites posts in general.
  5. The Monday Morning Edit… This was another post that I was pleased with within the last week and considering how many likes I got on this post, I’d assume that as a whole you enjoyed my The Monday Morning Edit too.
  6. The weekly picture of my face… This makeup that I wore on Friday might just have been my favourite ‘look’ that I wore all week and it certainly photographed the best. I’m loving the slightly orangey red, the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 110 Kiss of Life and plan on wearing it again soon.

I might very well have mentioned how overwhelmed and stressed that I’ve been feeling lately on account of that typical schoolwork thing that tends to happen to us all but regardless, it is the reason why this post is coming at you a wee bit late and why I haven’t been able to post as regularly as I’ve liked. Despite my lack of evidence in photos, I have been drowning with tasks to get done and perhaps have spent far too much time actively thinking about everything that I’ve had to get done and procrastinating from thinking about it all. It’s been one of those weeks but it hasn’t been too horrible, I suppose.

How was your week?
Maggie, x.

The Monthly Roundup #10: September 2014

Recently Updated37

Last month was definitely one of those fast-paced months of adjustment, as September tends to be in my world. I’m sure I’ve said this in loads of posts of this kind before but the following statement was especially true over the last month; While I might not have been able to get up as many blog posts as I would have liked, I’ve been particularly satisfied with my quality of content in September. Now, this seems awfully self-indulgent to talk about in a sense but so much of blogging for me comes down to how I feel about the content that I’m producing so it’s crucial to me in a non-narcissistic sense — first and foremost I’m doing this for me and what’s the point if I’m not enjoying what I’m producing. Can anyone relate? — I’m not positive this is coming out adequately. Regardless, I’ll be pleased if things continue down this path through this month and and even more pleased if I add a few more posts into the schedule of things.

1. The Weekend Post | Project 10 Pan –

Believe it or not, I’m actually making even more progress towards the commitment I made in the beginning of the month to finish up 10 products before purchasing other products of the kind despite that small little failure that didn’t even register as such, known as that time when I found myself at the register with the Dior Star Foundation prior to finishing up my beloved Rimmel Wake Me Up. This was definitely a post that I enjoyed writing and it’s the kind of post that I love reading for others fittingly. Plus I think there’s something so satisfying about trying to limit your endless product purchasing and accumulation by trying to finish up products before they go bad. The de-cluttering is also rather life affirming.

2. The Daily Face #22

I promise that I didn’t merely include this post because it was the only ‘The Daily Face’ post that I put up this month; I was actually rather pleased with the autumnal-themed makeup variation and it’s definitely been one that I’ve been sporting regularly. It features the lovely Smashbox Cherry Smokes Photo-Op Eyeshadow Palette and uses it in a way that I think is rather flattering and easy to achieve with half-assed effort. I liked it.

3. Weekly Medley #33 –

Now, I’m not saying that this post was preferred over any of the other weekly editions of the post but I’m rather enjoying refreshing these with the change of format where I was inspired by Laura a wee bit and decided to annotate the pictures included in the collage and provide a much shorter little ramble at the end that detailed my week. I’ve found that I have enjoyed writing these since the switch-up and I think they might be slightly less daunting to read with the more casual structure. I also rather enjoy being able to share my thoughts without going into formal paragraph structure on them all if that makes any sense…

4. The Monday Morning Edit –

I had to include my final post of the month; there was no doubt or deliberation concerning the matter. It was one of those posts that was written on the stir of the moment and almost seemed to write itself, surprising me with how quickly the end result came and how nice and authentically-me it was and it was easily my most liked post in months, so I’m assuming it went over well with you guys too. If you missed it and are curious about the products I reach for when I can hardly muster the effort to get out of bed in order to look presentable, I would love it if you gave it a little read.

5. A Standard Autumnal Shopping Trip –

I’ve shared the complexities of my feelings toward putting up haul posts on numerous occasions, so I’ll spare you another ramble here but keeping that anxiety in mind, I was particularly pleased with how this post detailing the small assortment of products I picked up recently turned out. I’m also enjoying the products, so this is a double source of pride for me. Lame?

6. The Weekend Post | The Productive Pamper –

Last-but-not-least is yet another one belonging to my the  ‘The Weekend Post’ variety and it’s one that I’m rather pleased with because I don’t find it painfully cliched, I think the material is a little bit different and it’s something that’s very true to me — I employ the whole technique often and love doing so. I also liked the pictures and this may have played more than a little bit into the consideration of including it here.
I promise I’m not as self-absorbed as the following question makes me sound but I would still like to know the answer: What kinds of posts are your favourite to see around these parts? I would love to hear some feedback to take into consideration!
Maggie, x.

Weekly Medley #36

Recently Updated351. The new foundation that I’ve worn consistently since spotting it on Monday… I’m aware that I kind of sort of made a promise not to go out and buy a new foundation until I finished my Rimmel Wake Me Up but upon seeing the Diorskin Star Fluid in 20 for a good eight dollars less than expected, I couldn’t resist picking this one up and then wear it every single day that followed. It’s a good one…

2. A review here … I’ve been making an active effort to get into the habit of writing more individual product reviews and this one on the Marc Jacobs Brown(Out) Highliner was the weekly effort.

3. Quite possibly the standout post I read this week… I’m a big fan of reading blogs and do so on a frequent basis so it means something when I give one a shout out around here and I loved Tamira’s ‘Reflecting’ post. Obviously, she had her aesthetically-pleasing minimalist style going on in the background but she also wrote a really honest account on why she blogs in particular and I found it really relateable, agreeing with lots of what she said.

4. A Saturday Haul Post… I’ve mentioned before that I’m not entirely comfortable with the whole hauling post situation, but nevertheless, I posted one yesterday and I was rather pleased with it. Check out the edited list of purchases here, if you’re interested.

5. A notable meal at Pavia… I tend to hit up our favourite cafe with the mother fairly often and I always enjoy it immensely so I thought I would quit with the laziness and actually document it slightly. I looooove this toasted sandwich loaded with olives, proscuitto, cheese and olive oil and rather enjoyed my iced mint dragon green tea, as well, despite it not being a beverage of the espresso variety. If you’re ever in Nova Scotia (Halifax in particular), I recommend hitting up Pavia Espresso Bar & Cafe. Drool.

6. Just casually reading Dickens in the mall … So on Friday’s shopping trip I might have had time to kill but no effort to move from any sedentary position on account of the shopping bag situation so it would only make sense to get some reading done while I was at it. Right? I still felt rather odd.

7. A Daily Face Post… Monday’s post was a return to my ‘Daily Face’ series and this return was long overdue if you ask me. It actually followed an autumnal theme, as you can see here.


I will warn you that I’m feeling rather chatty/wordy today — I can’t decide which word is more appropriate because I know I’m writing but what I’m writing could easily be read aloud as its in that format, but I’ll stop now before this post gets overly critical-theory-y and just plain weirdly theoretical. On an oddly related note, I would separate my week into two thematic categories — perhaps this is a consequence of reading books thematically far too often — the fatigue and stress of coming up to my presentation on Wednesday and the sudden re-emergence of my cold that hit me harder than ever before. So, it wasn’t necessarily the most relaxing week but I didn’t mind too much.

You might also notice that I’m coming at you with this post on a Sunday after switching posts of this variety to a Monday a while back but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are consistently going to go up on Sundays; I’m still undecided whether or not I want to assign them a day or go with the flow. Any thoughts?

I really did intend to get five posts out during the week (instead of the four), but I’m afraid that life got in the way. I was so ill on a few occasions that all I could do was close my eyes and hope that I would succumb to sleep so post writing and organization was not exactly in the cards. However, I’m feeling better but not amazing with my cough and irritating congestion so this week looks more promising.

How was your week?
Maggie, x.

The Brown Eyeliner That Converted Me


You might just be aware that although eyeliner is my thing – I would easily give up mascara over it, if faced with the choice -, I’m not really a brown or anything-but-black kind of girl; I don’t really have those concerns with black being too harsh and have the opposite kind of attitude towards the softer shades as they don’t tend to offer that kind of definition that I’m always after. Shpiel over, I’ve found a liner that has converted me over completely to the realm of brown liners and that liner is the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Brown(Out) ($30) and before getting on with things, I should mention that I do not have the full-size of the product and merely acquired a sample as a 100-Point-Perk from Sephora. Given that it is a sample, I have no idea of its actual size but it strikes me as about half of the size of the regular 0.01 ounce product and. On the same note, it appears that my sample differs from the full-sized product because it does not contain a sharpener on the end for precise sharpening of the mechanical pencil and I’m glad that the actual product comes with one, as my only critique of this liner was that the point tended not to be precise as you began to use the product. In other words, I was pleased to hear that they do come with a sharpener to help keep the product at a nicely-defined point and will keep this in mind when I undoubtedly will purchase more colour in the future.

Not only is the “bronze with shimmer shade” exactly what is promised, being richer and deeper in tone and thus providing more definition than your lighter browns, but the formula is also to-die-for. It’s one of those long-wearing and creamy formulas that are supposed to be a gel-liner in pencil form and I like this perhaps more than all of the rest because it doesn’t have that waxy texture that can become difficult to work with as you use up the product and it actually deposits colour full of opacity without tugging on the skin. It has that elusive creamy texture that glides on, even after its been used a bunch of times and as promised, the eyeliner is extremely long-wearing and waterproof. It can be moved for a few seconds but after that it’s there until you take it off — I’ve fallen asleep directly on my front during the day and it hasn’t smudged and it doesn’t go anywhere. At all. I don’t wear this one inside my inner rims quite honestly because I don’t tend to make the effort with brown but I’ve heard fantastic things about the longevity on that front but a few others have expressed the problem with the liner sticking to contacts. I will note, however, that as gorgeous as this liner is just as a simple upper-lashline product, it is the most stunning shade underneath the lashes. My only note is that it’s not the easiest to control (but this would be improved with the full-sized product theoretically) and that it can be a tad difficult to remove.

It appears I have been converted. Now I just want a few the rest of the shades…


What’s your favourite brown liner?

Maggie, x.